Friday Update 11-4-16

October 31, 2016


Friday Update 11-4-16

Greetings faithful readers. We love Lady Gaga for her steadfast advocacy in support of the human spirit. If you ever had any doubt about her musical pipes, this video of her singing “Million Reasons,” with the only sound coming from her microphone feed, will put your questions to rest. Enjoy the gift of Lady Gaga’s voice and then get to readin’ Friday Update, cuz we got work to do!

Most important reads for this week 

Tampa Conference Call For Proposals Deadline is tonight at midnight Pacific Time!
C’mon Network faithful, we have faith in you and know you can finish your proposal by midnight tonight (Pacific Time). Just think – Tampa in March, mid-70’s, blue skies, lots of SPF 30. What could be better?

The Loss Of My Son Harris Wittels To Heroin
“Harris Lee Wittels died on February 19, 2015, of a heroin overdose alone in his Los Angeles home. He was 30 years young.” Be sure to read this powerful call to action by Maureen Wittels. The heroin overdose epidemic has our nation firmly in its grasp.

Outrage Fatigue? Yeah, We’ve Got That
Lisa Lambert, Executive Director of PPAL and a leading national family advocate, knows all about outrage fatigue. As we near the finish line of one of the strangest presidential elections we have ever seen, Lisa provides perspective on how families who have children with mental health challenges deal with outrage fatigue and the toll it takes on us all.

New App Promotes Stronger Collaboration Between Behavioral Health Providers and Consumers/Clients
Are you a behavioral health care provider looking for a way to promote a more collaborative connection with the consumers/clients you serve, while at the same time reducing your workload? If so, be sure to check out the innovative App that is taking the behavioral healthcare world by storm. 

MHNR Interview With Dr. Mario Hernandez – USF is Setting the Standard for Behavioral Health Education and Research
Listen as MHNR host, Kristin Walker, interviews Dr. Mario Hernandez, Professor and Chair of the Department of Child and Family Studies at the University of South Florida. Dr. Hernandez discusses the new Master of Science in Child & Adolescent Behavioral Health program and ongoing research efforts within the Department. If you want to know more about the amazing work happening at the University of South Florida, give this podcast a listen!

National Council Seeking Nominations for 2017 Awards of Excellence

Every year, the National Council honors behavioral health heroes, who Executive Director, Linda Rosenberg says, “…don’t wear a  gold medal. You won’t find them on TV or on a billboard. Instead of chasing notoriety,  they’re often the ones making things run smoothly behind the scenes.” If you know a behavioral health hero, let the National Council know. Honorees will be celebrated during NatCon17 and receive a $10,000 grant to donate to a nonprofit of their choice. Deadline for nominations is November 11th! 

Last Chance to Sign Up for Clinician Training in Adolescent EBT 
Our colleagues at the Oregon Social Learning Center are looking for counselors/therapists to participate in a study evaluating a training and support program that helps professionals use Contingency Management (CM). This family-focused, outpatient substance abuse treatment uses behavior management and cognitive-behavioral approaches to treat adolescent addiction. November is the end of sign-up, so spread the word and get in touch soon if you are interested!

2017 Funding Opportunity Announcement SOC Expansion and Sustainability Cooperative Agreements - Revealed on YouTube!
Oh my goodness, everything you ever wanted to know about how to develop your application for the SOC Expansion grants, but were afraid to ask! SAMHSA’s Child, Adolescent and Family Branch has put a webinar on YouTube that will walk you through the entire application process. Forty minutes of blissful education on what you need to know to develop a successful grant application. I get goosebumps just thinkin’ about it! Bravo SAMHSA for taking this next step to more fully explain the grant application process.

National Wraparound Initiative (NWI) Now on YouTube
Dang, a lot of YouTube love goin’ on in this issue of Friday Update. Did you know that NWI had a YouTube channel? The channel is dedicated to the members of the National Wraparound Initiative (NWI). Videos on this channel were collected from around the web to demonstrate Wraparound principles and best practices. Way to go, NWI!

University of Washington Postdoctoral Fellowship in School Mental Health and Implementation Science
The University of Washington School of Medicine, in partnership with the College of Education, has an opening for a one-year research fellowship, with possible renewal for a second year. Applications must be received by December 1, 2016.

Dr. Gene Beresin Named Senior Advisor for New Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) Driving Study

Congratulations to Dr. Gene Beresin, executive director of The Clay Center, for being named senior advisor on adolescent psychiatry for Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) and their teen driving study in collaboration with Liberty Mutual Insurance. In this announcement, Dr. Beresin offers five tips for parents to address distracted driving. Includes a nifty infographic as well. Check it out! 


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