Friday Update

Friday update – 11-23-12

March 03, 2013


Friday update – 11-23-12

Greetings faithful readers. Happy post-holiday Friday… er… Saturday to you. Why is Friday Update coming on Saturday? Well, we had a hard time with the turkey for Thanksgiving and got just a bit delayed (Witness the horror here). Okay, now that you’ve had a chance to recover from the video, let’s review the week together. A short week for sure, but as always, full of great information you can use and act on.

A note of thanks to Network faithful
In this week known for giving thanks, I would like to take a moment to thank a host of creative individuals beginning with our Advisory Council and Board of Directors who help guide the Network. They are an amazing group of passionate individuals who volunteer their time unselfishly, and without them, we would only be a shell of who we are today. In addition, much appreciation to Brittany Smith for her unwavering commitment to the Network – a big risk to take for this stellar representative of the next generation of advocates. The future is in good hands folks and I know that those of you with multi-generational staff know that as well. And then there are those Network faithful who have made generous donations, large and small, to help the Network continue our quest to provide a vehicle for informing those who care about youth with emotional challenges and their families with the latest, most pertinent information to help them make a difference. Your support is so appreciated. And finally, a most heartfelt thanks to the close to 150,000 readers who are increasingly expanding our reach across the globe, spreading the word about the importance of maintaining a laser focus on children’s mental health. Your emails of encouragement, requesting and sharing information only make us stronger. To all of you – saying thank you doesn’t even begin to capture our gratitude for your support. Keep it up and get busy advocating on behalf of children with emotional challenges and their families!

PCORI posts new standards
If you read Friday Update you know that we are ardent fans and supporters of the Patient Center Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI). The PCORI Board of Governors has approved a draft of the research methods to guide the development of comparative effectiveness research. Okay Network research faithful, here it is – your bible to help guide you in your funding pursuits… The new standards reflect the input of public comments on a draft released earlier this year. Details here.

Calling all people with questions about how to improve children’s mental health – PCORI funding available
Okay research-oriented Network faithful. Now that you’ve read the draft research methods guidelines, it’s time to rock the grant writing. It’s not often that we get down on our knees and beg… but we are begging researchers in the children’s mental health arena to get involved with the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI). They are looking to fund quality research in a variety of areas that are right in your wheelhouse. Details here.

No discrimination against people with pre-existing conditions
Big news from the White House. The Obama Administration has released rules making it illegal for insurance companies to discriminate against people with pre-existing conditions, ensure families buying their own coverage can get basic essential benefits similar to what private insurers offer. Network faithful know that for children and adolescents with serious emotional challenges, this is a wonderful start, but only a start. HHS has released a number of helpful links (Thank you Allison Colker from SAMHSA), but please remember they cannot make this happen alone. Your advocacy at the local and state level is more critical than ever. As we like to say, “it’s not what the sausage looks like, it’s what’s in the sausage that counts.” Same holds for what is “in” the pre-existing clause of what’s covered in your insurance policy. Read more here.

Tampa conference registration open 
Registration is in full swing for the Tampa conference so register already! Pre-conference intensive workshops have been announced and they are amazing. Reviewers are hard at work identifying symposia, paper and poster presentations from a boatload of submissions. We are oh so close to a final agenda! We will be rockin’ the SPF 15 cuz March is a sunny month in Florida so make sure you throw some in your suitcase. Check out the conference website here.

Exchange Blueprint Chart keeps you up to date
Hey Network faithful, if you haven’t yet explored the State Refor(u)m website then you are missing out. If you are an “Exchange fanatic” like we are, then be sure to take a few moments to review State Refor(u)m’s Exchange Blueprint chart. It rocks!

Kids Well out with a new health care implementation report
Hang on, we’re not done with great exchange resources. Keep up your knowledge of state by state health care reform implementation with Kids Well’s latest update. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter, so what are ya waitin’ for?

Lifting Latinos Up By Their “Rootstraps:” Moving Beyond Trauma Through A Healing‐Informed Framework for Latino Boys and Men
Be sure to download and read this excellent publication from the National Latino Fatherhood and Family Institute (NLFFI). The report emphasizes the need to integrate La Cultura Cura, or cultural-based healing, in efforts to address gang involvement, teen pregnancy, school failure, and poverty within Latino and other communities of color. Read more here.

Annie E. Casey Foundation Announces Partnerships for Child Well-Being in Three Cities
Hey Network faithful who live in Buffalo, Columbus or San Antonio – show some love to Annie E. Casey Foundation grant recipients who are poised to do some really good work for children and families. Grants will be awarded over the next one or two years to the Buffalo Promise Neighborhood in upstate New York, the Weinland Park Collaborative in Columbus, Ohio, and the Eastside Promise Neighborhood’s Choice Neighborhood initiative in San Antonio…. Details here.

Awareness Day is May 9th, 2013
SAMHSA’s Caring for Every Child’s Mental Health Campaign has produced a host of resources for you to use to get ready for Awareness Day 2013. It will be here before you know it so get to plannin’. Take a closer look here!

Hey, it’s Saturday and the leaves can definitely wait. Take a look at what else we have for you this week: 

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