Friday update – 11-16-12

March 03, 2013


Friday update – 11-16-12

Greetings faithful readers. Happy pre- holiday Friday to you. Let’s begin with one of our favorites (Now who doesn’t love Rebecca Black?). Okay, now that you’re in the mood, let’s review the week together. And oh what week it was – Full of revelations, budget news about the current “limbo” state we are in (Take some time to really listen to the words of this great Jimmy Cliff song, covered by Jerry Garcia and David Grisman), and as always, great information for children’s mental health supporters around the globe.

“Just say no” to further Nondefense Discretionary (NDD) cuts
As you receive this Friday update it is likely that key congressional leaders are in negotiations wrestling with the challenge of how to avoid the fiscal cliff that faces the nation. Please read our letter to the Honorable Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader, the Honorable Mitch McConnel, Senate Minority Leader, the Honorable John Boehner, Speaker of the House, and the Honorable Nancy Pelosi, House Minority Leader. From the letter — “The families we are dedicated to improving services for cut across the political spectrum – they are all part of your constituency. Pick any of the NDD options to be cut and it affects the families of children with mental health challenges. It is for this reason that we are not focusing on our particular needs with this request but are advocating a broad-stroke approach that says “No more cuts to NDD programs.” Download a copy of the letter here.

HHS is pushing back Friday’s deadline for states
Hold everything! It looks like HHS is pushing back Friday’s deadline for states to declare whether they’ll build their own health exchanges. The new deadline for announcing their decision is December 14th. Read more here.

Colbert Super Pac keepin’ the cash
Just because we can’t resist – we learned this week that comedian Stephen Colbert shut down his Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow, and donated the $773,704 in remaining funds to a 501 (c)4 nonprofit created by him – the Colbert Super PAC SHH Institute. Read the story on Politico.

AHRQ announces conference grants
The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), announces its continued interest in supporting conferences through its Conference Grant Program.  Do we really need to encourage you to check this out? Come on folks – go for it!

Tampa conference registration open!
Speaking of conferences, registration is now open for the Tampa conference. So register already! Pre-conference intensive workshops have been announced and they are amazing. Plus, our International Lecture Series plenary session has been confirmed. More announcements of incredible plenaries just about ready to be announced – and they rock! Go buy yourself a pair of Ray Bans cuz March is a sunny month in Florida. Check out the conference website here.

Transitions RTC website full of great information
Network faithful who are involved with transition-age youth would do well to visit the Transitions Research and Training Center website and check out their publications section. It is chock full of tip sheets, research briefs, presentations, webinars and more. Go ahead and tape glee and modern family this week and use that time to increase your knowledge about best practice approaches with transition-age youth by visiting the Transition RTC website.

Foster care failure in Massachusetts?
The news from Massachusetts is not good when it comes to kids in foster care. Cable television station NECN has just produced a report in which a social worker for the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families shares some disturbing details about how youth are being treated in the foster care system. Even worse, a class action lawsuit is forthcoming. Read the story here.

Ten Leadership Lessons from Simpson-Bowles
Wonderful article in the November issue of Governance Studies at Brookings which looks at ten leadership lessons to be learned from the work of Alan Simpson and Erskine Bowles as they steered the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform toward a final product. This is a good read folks. Details here.

Cancel the conference call (Watch this one – hilarious) and check out what else we have for you this week:

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