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Friday Update 11-1-13

November 01, 2013


Friday Update 11-1-13
Greetings faithful readers. Meeting with Senate Appropriations staff renewed my faith in the importance of education and reminded me that we have much to do. Let’s give a little Network love to staffer Lisa Bernhardt from Network faithful of all political persuasions from around the United States and our growing fan base around the globe. So let’s get it started with some Black Eyed Peas, wadda ya say? Get your groove on and then get to readin’ Friday Update. We got work to do!

Most important reads for this week 

Meeting with Senate staff on the topic of emerging adults – we have work to do 
Big note of thanks to Lisa Bernhardt, staff to the Subcommittee on Labor, HHS and Education, Committee on Appropriations, United States Senate, for taking more time she had allotted (and likely more than she had available) to listen to my concerns about the Healthy Transitions Initiative as well as the needs of emerging adults with mental health challenges. Okay Network faithful, our marching orders are clear. Educate, educate, educate. If you want to be more involved in our developing education campaign on the importance of a balanced approach to funding for young people with emotional challenges and their families then join us and we will put you to work.

The horrors of Obamacare… or a story not fully disclosed
The LA Times has an article out that serves as an important reminder of the need to investigate claims about the Affordable Care Act, pro or con. Deborah Cavallaro, a real estate agent in the Westchester suburb of Los Angeles, has been interviewed on a number of news shows talking about how much more expensive Obamacare will be once her existing plan gets canceled. Well, maybe not. Turns out that when the LA TImes reporter did a full investigation Obamacare would be significantly better. Okay Network Columbo’s – get your research hat on for this one.

Efforts to address and prevent ACEs are growing
Traumatic childhood events like abuse and neglect can create dangerous levels of stress and derail healthy brain development—resulting in long-term effects on learning, behavior and health. A growing network of leaders in research, policy and practice are leading the way in preventing adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and mitigating their impact through building resilience. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is out with a number of brief videos that showcase experts who discuss innovative approaches to improving mental and physical health using an ACEs framework. Good stuff!

We hear you: Call for Proposals has been extended to November 4th  
Many people have asked for a few more days to get their presentation proposals polished for the 27th Annual Children’s Mental Health Research & Policy Conference. Therefore, we are extending the Call for Proposals deadline through Monday, November 4th. But don’t delay! Be sure to get it in today. And don’t forget the special tracks on Wraparound and Emerging Adults!

Georgetown Training Institutes – SAVE THE DATES! Proposals due by November 22
Make sure to put the 2014 Georgetown University Training Institutes on your calendar! It’s your chance to learn practical strategies for improving services and supports for children, adolescents, and young adults with or at risk for mental health challenges and their families. Proposals will be accepted until Nov 22, so make sure to write a winning proposal so that you can be an integral part of this wonderful conference.

NIMH seeks proposals for Outreach Partners
The National Institute of Mental Health is soliciting proposals for its Outreach Partnership Program from organizations in Alaska, the District of Columbia, Michigan, and Missouri. Non-profit organizations that conduct outreach focused on mental health are invited to submit proposals. Organizations with experience in mental health disparities as defined by race or ethnicity, age (e.g., children, adolescents, transitional age youth, older adults), education or income, disability status, geographic location, risk status related to sex and gender, and among other populations identified to be at-risk for health disparities such as immigrants, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex (LGBTI), and military service members and their families are encouraged to apply.

Home Depot Canada Foundation commits $10 million to address youth homelessness
The Home Depot Canada Foundation has announced a three-year, $10 million initiative to address the problem of youth homelessness in Canada. In addition to matching homeless youth with employment opportunities, the initiative will provide support for drop-in centers, shelters, and infrastructure for permanent housing. Funds also will be used to support new research designed to provide better evidence-based data on the circumstances and needs of homeless youth in Canada, and to establish an advisory council of experts and a youth advisory council. By the way, our legion of Network faithful in Canada is growing leaps and bounds. More Canadian stories and tips coming your way!

Group Motivational Interviewing can help teens make healthy choices
Check out the exciting work being done around Group Motivational Interviewing by the Rand Corporation. They have just launched, a unique website that provides free training to anyone interested in learning how to use this powerful tool to help adolescents in a group setting.

New TA Center for CMHI grantees unveils their approach
Okay Network faithful who are steeped in the system of care grant world. There is a new national technical assistance center for states and communities funded by the Comprehensive Community Mental Health Services for Children and Their Families Program and we’ve got the letter they sent to grantees that provides more in-depth information on their TA model and some of what you can expect from them in the future. Everything you ever wanted to know about the Technical Assistance Network for Children’s Behavioral Health (TA Network) but were afraid to ask is here!

KSOC-TV webisode: Return on investment and systems of care
Speaking of systems of care, SAMHSA’s Child, Adolescent and Family Branch is gearing up for another KSOC-TV webisode. On Wednesday, November 6, at 2 p.m. EST, KSOC-TV will feature SAMHSA’s Gary Blau, Chief of the Center for Mental Health Services’ Child, Adolescent and Family Branch, who will discuss the value of return on investment (ROI) for System of Care communities. Okay Network faithful, this is your chance to ask the really hard questions about return on investment for System of Care communities. No softball questions allowed!

AARP unveils user friendly website on ACA 
AARP has unveiled a user friendly and helpful website on the ACA. Beautifully done and will be a great assist to getting information to help people find out about health insurance eligibility options — and it actually works! Hat tip to Peter Van Vranken for this excellent lead…

Empirically-based Interventions for Emerging Adults with Serious Mental Health Conditions – Call for Papers
The Journal of Behavioral Health Services & Research (JBHS&R) invites manuscripts for a special topic issue on “Empirically-based Interventions for Emerging Adults with Serious Mental Health Conditions. With growing awareness of the poor outcomes for older adolescents and young adults who experience serious mental health conditions, researchers and service providers are working to develop and test interventions designed to be engaging and effective. This Special Issue will highlight studies that offer evidence about what works, with particular attention to interventions or approaches informed by theories of positive development and designed specifically for young people (ages 14-30) with serious mental health conditions. Let’s go you emerging adult gurus – get to writin’.

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