Friday Update

Friday update – 11-09-12

March 03, 2013


Friday update – 11-09-12

Greetings faithful readers. Lot’s of quick deadlines and commitments in this issue of Friday Update (pay attention to the lyrics of this great song by the Killers). And of course, a little excitement early in the week with the presidential election. Take a moment to reflect and celebrate what a great country this is. We can’t forget that regardless of who you voted for, now is the time to stand together. Enjoy this ASL rendition of the Star Spangled Banner and then recommit yourself to improving children’s mental health services!

Another system of care champion passes on
The Network gives much love to the family of Barbara Sewell, a tireless family advocate from the great state of Texas who recently passed on (I imagine she is organizing the crew upstairs to make sure they are taking a family-driven approach to things). Read Kim Williams testimonial to Barbara here.

Non-profits turned out the vote!
Wonderful work by Network faithful who rallied their organizations to help get out the vote. We treasure our relationship with Nonprofit VOTE who provided us with a multitude of resources that we could pass along to you to help in your local outreach efforts. This year, lower-income, younger, and diverse communities frequently served by nonprofits accounted for a greater share of voter turnout than ever before. While some of this can be attributed to population increases, it was also aided by unprecedented voter education and engagement efforts from the nonprofit and civic sector. Read the full report here.

The fiscal cliff and children: What’s at stake?
The Coalition on Human Needs and Voices for America’s Children are co-sponsoring a webinar on the challenges ahead as the Administration and Congress must grapple with impending service cuts, Pentagon cuts, and tax increases.  If you care about children and families – their future and all of ours together – you need to know what to expect and what you can do. The elections are over and now it’s time for us to buckle our seat belts and start ramping up around avoiding the fiscal cliff. Details here.

Block Grant comment update
Network faithful – thanks to all who have sent in comments to SAMHSA about the 2014 Block Grant application. Our thumbnail analysis is pretty simple – SAMHSA is limited in what it is able to require versus encourage due to the authorizing legislation for the block grant. For us, that means we need to double our diligence to press for information in the areas that SAMHSA cannot. Most of our recommendations regarding the block grants are going to require shining a bright light at the state level – we can’t expect SAMHSA to “require” transparency in the planning process to the level that we would like. So bottom line – it’s on us folks to make sure that states are held accountable to ensuring an appropriate focus on children and adolescents with mental health challenges and their families. We will continue to push SAMHSA when appropriate, but in reality, our focus needs to be on what is taking place at the state level and in Congress. So hitch up your britches and be ready. Get settled in, start readin’, and get ready to act.

We can and must “reduce the burden of suicidality” now
We have come to expect nothing but straight talk from CMHNetwork Advisory member Dr. COL (Ret) George Patrin, MD. We asked Dr. Patrin to comment on our recent post about an invitation from NIMH to provide feedback on strategies to enhance suicide prevention efforts targeted at children and adolescents within emergency medicine department (ED) settings, where many individuals at high risk for suicide are seen. According to Dr. Patrin, if the “NIMH, NIDA, and NIAAA are truly seeking perspectives of (their) multiple stakeholders to ensure that the right questions are being addressed related to youth suicide prevention efforts within the ED setting,” they need to invite two groups to the table – Primary Care Organizations (FP, Peds, IM, PNPs) and the end-users (Youth and Families). Read the complete post in Morning Zen.

Tampa conference details are emerging – and we are pulling back the curtain just a bit so you can see what is in store for you
Call for papers closes on Monday
November 12 so get to crackin’! Pre-conference intensive workshops have been announced and they are amazing. Plus, our International Lecture Series plenary session has been confirmed. More announcements of incredible plenaries coming next week. Start packin’ the suntan lotion cuz it is warm and sunny in early March in Florida (a not so subtle hint to our Canadian friends!). Check out the conference website here.

Speaking of USF, another great webinar is coming soon!
Did you know that children in foster care are twice as likely to exhibit runaway behavior as children of the same age in the general population? This webinar will describe the basic elements and potential value of a functional approach in reducing the problem of youth running away from foster care placements. Details here.

Get ready for the Twitter chats
Our new crush (hey, we can have a crush) – the HHS Office of Adolescent Health – is planning a series of Twitter chats @TeenHealthGov involvement. Check them out here.

Hold on, we know you had a lot to read in this Friday Update already, but you gotta check out what else we have for you. It’s something kinda special (props to Randy Newman) so read on Network faithful!

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