Friday Update

Friday Update 10-21-16

October 21, 2016


Friday Update 10-21-16

Greetings faithful readers. Join us in celebrating the brilliant Randy Travis being inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame by listening to one of my favorite songs of his, “On the Other Hand,” and then get to readin’ Friday Update, cuz we got work to do!

Most important reads for this week 

Mary Emmons, Child Welfare Icon, Retires After 40 Years of Service
One of the great joys of my professional career was meeting a genuine champion of the child welfare world, Mary Emmons, Executive Director of the Children’s Institute (CII) in Los Angeles, California. Mary has recently retired from CII and is prepping for her next great adventure. Enjoy this Morning Zen tribute to Mary, written by another amazing advocate, Kimberley Clayton Blaine. Celebrate excellence, Network faithful. Join us in honoring Mary Emmons.

Tampa Conference Call For Proposals Final Week!
Just one more week left to get your proposal in for the 30th Annual Research & Policy Conference on Child, Adolescent, and Young Adult Behavioral Health, March 5 – 8, 2017, in beautiful Tampa Florida! Get on it!

The Church of Children’s Sports: Values Mediate the Benefits of Youth Athletics
Are you a parent with young children in organized sports? Are your weekends consumed with tournaments, games and team functions? If so, you will want to read this Morning Zen post by Eliot Brenner, who shares his families experience with making hard decisions between church on Sunday and sports activities.

Apollina Smith’s Amazing Recipe for Upside Down System of Care Cake
What does pineapple upside-down cake have to do with building a strong system of care? Everything! Authors John Franz and Pat Miles provide a comprehensive ingredient list for building strong systems of care through the eyes of Apollina Smith, chef extraordinaire!

#HealthyAdulting is a new campaign to provide critical resources to Millennials on all things coverage to care. Check out their resource hub, which will provide all you need to know to find affordable coverage and understand how your health coverage works. Use the #HealthyAdulting toolkit to help connect young adults and peers in your community to coverage, and access preventive services to maintain a proactive check on your health.

ActuallySheCan℠ Mentorship presents Gabby Douglas
Okay, we admit it – we are huge fans of Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas. Check out her amazing video and, especially if you are a young woman, check out the #ActuallySheCan movement. 

“#ActuallySheCan is for women who are strong, smart and driven. A movement for those who aren’t afraid to toss out what they don’t want to make room for what they do. Because the movement believes that focusing on the positive things in your life means less drama, more karma.” Well said!

Block Grants: A Bad Idea for Medicaid

Turning Medicaid into a block grant is not a new or innovative idea—it is just another way to cut Medicaid. Block granting Medicaid would ultimately mean cuts in services to people who need health care the most. It would also put states completely on the hook for unanticipated health care costs—instead of sharing the risk of higher Medicaid spending with the federal government.

A Snapshot of Behavioral Health Issues for Asian American/Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander Boys and Men: Jumpstarting an Overdue Conversation 
This brief highlights these issues specific to Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander (AANHPI) boys and men – a diverse population that is often overlooked, underserved and not well understood. Recognizing that this brief is not a comprehensive, in-depth discussion of all the pertinent behavioral health issues for each AANHPI subgroup, this brief represents a start to a much overdue conversation and action strategy. 

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