Friday morning update – 12-21-12

March 03, 2013


Friday morning update – 12-21-12

Greetings faithful readers. It has been a most difficult week for our nation as we try to make sense of the tragedy that took place in Connecticut. From our perspective, Deepak Chopra has said it best – “Today, and in the days, weeks, and months to come, the families of the victims are going to need our love and support. Now, more than ever, is a time for community, a time for reaching out our hands and being there to hold the ones who are grieving. We wish Newtown, CT, and all those who have been affected by shootings this year, peace and healing. Remember that you are not alone.” As always, we lead off with a video that captures the week in review. This video tribute to those who died at Sandy Hook Elementary School by the television show “The Voice” is worthy of watching. Bring in your team, expand the image to full screen and share your gratitude for one another and the spirit of support and giving that defines the work you do.

Specific strategies for talking with your kids about the tragedy in Connecticut
Here is our compilation of the “best of the best” resources available for talking with youth and families about the tragedy in Connecticut.

We don’t tell you and here’s why
“The best way to get help for your child with mental health issues is to talk about what’s going on. But most of us don’t, especially not at first. Adam Lanza’s mother, Nancy, was reportedly quiet about his problems. She was happy to talk about gardening, the Red Sox and her hobbies. But she was quiet (publicly at least) about her son. I have been, too. We learn to be…” Continue reading Lisa Lambert’s post in Morning Zen.

Feeling our way through this national nightmare to address guns and mental illness
Victoria Costello shares a poignant reminder of how the Sandy Hook tragedy “ripped open a deep wound in the American heart — particularly for parents of kids with mental health challenges.” Read her thought-provoking post in Morning Zen.

Fearing a stigma for people with Autism
Important article for Network faithful to read in the New York Times. With the reports that the gunman in the shooting at Sandy Hook elementary had an autism variant known as Asperger syndrome, those with the diagnosis are fighting what is feared to be a growing impression that it is associated with premeditated violence. But, as experts will tell you, and we want to repeat loudly here, there is no evidence that they are more likely than any other group to commit violent crimes. Read more here.

California Senate President pro Tem Steinberg proposes Prop 63 as a model to Biden Commission
California Senate President pro Tem and Prop 63 Author Darrell Steinberg has called on U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden to adopt Prop 63 full service partnerships, prevention, and early intervention services as the national model for mental health and calls on the federal government to match state investment in these services dollar for dollar. Details here.

Tampa conference – The news just keeps getting better…  
Oh man, we are seriously excited. Presentation proposals have been picked and the winners are letting us know they are coming as you read this. The agenda will be available at the end of the month and it rocks. An amazing plenary focusing on early childhood mental health and the importance of aligning systems and policies to promote the social emotional health of all children has just been announced. So what are you waiting for? Register already!

NeuroLeadership in Systems of Care
Network faithful, be sure to put this date on your calendar for a fascinating webinar sponsored by Pathways to Positive Futures January 29, 2013, on “NeuroLeadership in Systems of Care”. The developing field of NeuroLeadership will be introduced, with a focus on what the “hard science” tells us about effectively engaging others in positive change from a brain science perspective. Pretty fascinating stuff. Check it out!

Video contest for CA youth on preventing suicide & stigma
Students throughout California are invited to participate in the Directing Change Video Contest by submitting 60-second videos in two categories: suicide prevention and eliminating stigma about mental illness. The winning teams and their associated schools will win cash prizes, qualify to win suicide prevention programs for their schools and will be recognized at an award ceremony at the end of the 2012-13 school year. Please note this contest is only for youth in California, so heads up to California youth – time to apply.

Speaking of California, don’t miss Carol Lebeau at the Stigma conference
The Family and Youth Roundtable is hosting their 4th annual Stigma, Discrimination, and Disparities in Children’s Services Conference February 13 – 15, 2013. The Children’s Mental Health Network will be there in full force documenting the new learning’s that will come out of this conference so be sure to come by and say hello. This week we are featuring plenary speaker Carol Lebeau. As a #1 TV news anchor in southern California for nearly 30 years, Carol LeBeau covered some of the nation’s most important stories. Carol LeBeau takes an upbeat look at depression and anxiety… upbeat, because the news is good! And she ought to know. After her own personal struggle with and successful treatment for these common mental disorders… Carol’s still broadcasting the good news. It’s time to erase the stigma of mental illness and get back to the business of living! Check out the details here.

Comparative Effectiveness grants announced
The Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute has announced its first 25 grant awards totaling more than $40 million over three years for comparative effectiveness research. Network faithful are advised to stay focused on PCORI.

Still time for partnership exchanges
HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is letting states know that there is still time to choose the partnership model of exchanges. Applications are now due February 15th. “We know that some states will need more time before being ready to run their own marketplace or want to run part but not all of the exchange in 2014. These states can choose to enter into a state partnership exchange…” she wrote. “While last week was one milestone, we are not taking an ‘all or nothing’ approach to exchanges. Many states are making impressive progress and we are committed to working with all states as we approach open enrollment in October 2013.” Read the post here.

Latest health care reform update from Kidswell
Okay, we are convinced that the team at KidsWell does not sleep. And yet, that does not seem to deter them from producing high quality work week after week. We can’t say enough about them and encourage you to get their updates sent directly to your inbox. Just in time for the holidays, KidsWell has two great treats for you! Check it out here.

Funding opportunity to study costs associated with transforming primary care
Network faithful – gotta jump on this one. The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) is making funding available to analyze and describe the costs associated with successful efforts to transform primary care practice. And… since this is the wave of the future ya gotta pay attention.

Goodness! If that wasn’t enough to make you want to hum “Silver Bells” for the 5 thousandth time since Thanksgiving, then I don’t know what will. Personally, we prefer the Twisted Sister version of Silver Bells. (C’mon, click the link. The baby in this video rocks!) After rockin’ out to “Silver Bells,” check out these additional resources and news items.

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And now, the December fundraising pitch… 
Dear Network faithful: Big time thanks to those who have parted with their hard earned dollars to help support the Network, but this is week three of four of shameless groveling on our part, so here goes – We are the small non-profit that has what we think is the largest readership in the children’s mental health universe. We reach close to 150,000 readers per week and, thanks to you, continue to grow. We have costs like any other top site: servers, power, rent, and staff. The Children’s Mental Health Network is pretty darned special. It is a collective voice of an incredibly diverse audience of providers, policy makers, families, youth and just plain folk who care about kids and families. It is the place you go when you want to find out what’s going on in children’s mental health but also other areas related to children’s mental health that end up surprising you and causing you to say “hmmm… I hadn’t thought of that connection.” Every time we get an email from someone making a statement like that we know we are on the right track. We cherish our independence and ability to speak with a clear voice. For that reason, we do not take federal funds. We run on donations that average from $25.00 to $50.00. If you find Friday Update useful and the resources we alert you to on our website useful, take one minute to keep us going for another year with your tax deductible donation. We hate fundraising, but it is a necessary activity, and we only have one more week in our December fundraising drive. Thanks again to so many of you who are spreading the word. We are indeed a collective voice and your support is greatly appreciated. Only one more porridge-laden appeals for money… woo hoo! (Oh c’mon, click on the porridge link. You know you want to…)

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As always, thank you for your continued support of the Children’s Mental Health Network,

Scott Bryant-Comstock
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