Friday morning update – 11-30-12

March 03, 2013


Friday morning update – 11-30-12

Greetings faithful readers. Happy Friday to you. Guess what? We’ve figured out how to solve the fiscal impasse between Democrats and Republicans, and specifically the negotiations between President Obama and House Speaker John Boehner. They need to take the approach that Neil Patrick Harris and Hugh Jackman did at the 2011 Tony Awards. Watch the video, decide who is who, and hope for the best… Our work is done. Well, actually, we need to work harder than ever, so let’s get to it…

What’s keeping us up at night? Quality standards for essential benefits
Network faithful, we need to have a heart to heart about the essential benefits packages states are required to set up as part of health reform. There is an elephant in the room and it’s a big one, and it goes by the name of “quality.” We are gravely concerned that attention to quality in the provision of mental health services to children and families runs the risk of being stripped to its bare bones as states move forward with designing and implementing their essential benefits packages. Saddle up and read on.

America’s Invisible Children: Latino Youth and the Failure of Justice
The face of America is changing. The number of Latino youth in this country has almost doubled in the last decade, and on any given day close to 18,000 Latino youth are incarcerated in America. Youth who dream of becoming the teachers, doctors, and mayors of our communities are instead arrested and locked away – their dreams shattered. A significant majority of these incarcerated youth are non-violent offenders who only become “chronic offenders” after serving time behind bars. Most disturbing is that one out of every four incarcerated Latino children is held in an adult prison or jail even though youth in adult facilities are in significant danger of suicide and rape. Read this important report here.

Tampa conference registration open  Registration is in full swing for the Tampa conference so register already! Pre-conference intensive workshops have been announced and they are amazing. Reviewers are hard at work identifying symposia, paper and poster presentations from a boatload of submissions. We are oh so close to a final agenda! Start packin’ and don’ forget your flip-flops cuz March is a sunny month in Florida that requires just a wee bit of poolside conversation. Check out the conference website here.

How do we know what is happening at the practice level in systems of care?
Community Solutions is offering another great webinar on December 4th. Join Mary Armstrong, PhD, for a look at how we can really know what is happening at the practice level in systems of care. Here are the details.

Hear directly from state decision-makers about their Exchange process
State Refor(u)m
and the National Academy for State Health Policy are offering an informative webinar that will focus on how states are going about the important process of creating their Exchanges. Check it out!

Learn what Governor’s are thinking about the Exchanges
Oh Kids Well, we do love you so… If you want to know what Governors are saying about their Exchanges then you gotta check this out. Kids Well has produced an easy-to-read chart that includes official Governor statements on Exchange plans as of November 26, 2012. Details here.

LGBTQI2-S resources now available
Network faithful are advised to check out a great resource put together by our friends at the Technical Assistance Partnership for Child and Family Mental Health (TA Partnership). Check out what’s available here.

Stigma, Discrimination, and Disparities in Children’s Services Conference
The Family and Youth Roundtable (a Network favorite) is hosting their 4th annual Stigma, Discrimination, and Disparities in Children’s Services Conference February 13 – 15, 2013 in San Diego, CA. The Children’s Mental Health Network will be there in full force documenting the new learnings that will come out of this conference so be sure to come by and say hello. Details here.

In Juvenile Detention, Girls Face Health Care Designed For Boys
Very informative story in Kaiser Health News discussing the health care challenges for girls in juvenile detention and the crusading spirit of one woman who is working to change things for the better. Read on and be inspired

Resource update from the Office of Minority Health
Great information from the Office of Minority Health Resource Center’s Information Services Team. Tons of grant opportunities available. Details here.

Hey, it’s the last day of November. Time to close the door, take the phone off the hook and check out these other great resources we have for you…

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