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Friday morning update – 10-26-12

March 03, 2013


Friday morning update – 10-26-12

Greetings faithful readers. This week’s additions to the website are “must reads” if you want to understand the bigger picture of health care reform, be amazingly inspired with our ever popular video selections, and even give a little love to SAMHSA, cuz heaven knows they need it. So, basically, ya need to tell your boss you got the sniffles and go home and get to readin’. Plus, you gotta gas up the car so you can drive people to the polls. Every vote counts, folks.

CMHNetwork weekly sign of the apocalypse. Wait a minute, instead of apocalypse, let’s focus on a little wisdom from a group that doesn’t often get heard
Okay, the debates are over. It is likely that you have been inundated with opinions from policy wonks, newscasters and maybe even your mailman. But have you heard from kids? Take a look and listen to what they have to say about the debates.

11-year-old girl living with autism, uses music to connect with the world
Don’t know if you watched Comedy Central’s Night of Too Many Stars on Sunday, but if you didn’t, you missed a most incredible duet of Jodi DiPiazza, an 11-year old girl with autism, and Katy Perry. The Daily Show‘s Jon Stewart brought the duo to stage with touching introduction. “People with Autism shouldn’t be written off. They deserve, like everyone, the chance to reach their potential,” he said. “Lets take a look at what happens when someone actually gets that chance.” Network faithful, you will come away inspired. Watch it here.

“Block granting” Medicaid will have severe consequences
There has been a lot of talk during this election season about the merits of “block granting” the Medicaid program. Told ya you needed to call in sick today. Hey, we call ’em as we see ’em. A recent analysis indicates that “cuts of this magnitude in federal spending for Medicaid would likely lead to increases in the number of Americans without health insurance and strain the safety net, even with additional flexibility for states to administer their programs.” Okay Network faithful, the more you know the clearer will be your vote on November 6th. Read on even though it’s gonna hurt

Tampa conference is coming! Call for Papers underway and sponsorship information available here
Finally, some news we can cheer about. Take out your calendar and write down the dates for the 26th Annual Children’s Mental Health Research and Policy Conference, March 3 – 6, 2013. We are oh so close to announcing our plenary lineup – you are going to love it. For now, if you haven’t finished your conference proposal, then get busy. The deadline is October 31 so beg off rakin’ leaves this weekend and get ‘er done. Don’t forget about sponsorship opportunities available to you. Act quickly as sponsorship opportunities are limited. Details here.

Thinking Systemically: Six Lessons of System of Care Implementation
Speaking of the good folks at the University of South Florida, the dynamic duo of Hodges and Ferreira are back with another “must attend” webinar, sponsored by Community Solutions. Register now!

What they mean when they talk about pre-existing health conditions
Network faithful are advised to spend a few minutes (okay, actually a lot of minutes) reading a wonderful article from the Kaiser Family Foundation that focuses on how each of the Presidential candidates would approach the issue of pre-existing conditions. People who have a health problem or who are at higher than average risk of needing health care are referred to as having a pre-existing health condition.  Health plans have an interest in controlling access to coverage for people with pre-existing health conditions because, depending on their condition, they are more likely to use covered services than other enrollees in a health plan. While the news is full of talk about people with health concerns like diabetes, coronary artery disease, etc., there is not much talk about children with serious mental health issues who would definitely fit into the class of “pre-existing conditions.” Knowledge is power folks. Read what your candidate is saying about this issue and make an informed choice. Details here.

What it means to be “multi-payer” and why children’s mental health advocates should care
Do you know what a mulit-payer system is and why it is important? Multi-payer systems are the way of the future and they are a piece of the puzzle that allows providers to deliver quality care. Great article on the Commonwealth Fund website. The examples in this article are not focused on mental health but the parallels to what will need to happen to get quality children’s mental health care paid for in the new health reform environment are spot on. Got your attention? Then get to readin’.

A “behind the scenes” look into the development of a new disorder classification for DSM
Are we over-medicating kids with psychiatric drugs because of misdiagnosis? Is the childhood bipolar diagnosis being overused? The Wall Street Journal has a fascinating article that follows the discussion and oftentimes heated debate of the scientists who are holed up in a hotel conference room in Washington, DC, rewriting the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM). Read it here.

Hey nonprofits – time to get out the vote!
The Children’s Mental Health Network is a proud partner with Nonprofit Vote and can now make available to you a wide variety of resources to help you get out the vote. Check out what’s available and get mobilized!

Quiz time: How much do you know about the uninsured in America?
It’s quiz time! Test your knowledge about the uninsured population in America. No cheatin’ and remember to sharpen your #2 pencil. Take the test and rule the water cooler

Okay, if you have read everything in this update, it’s probably now about 3:00 pm. Heck, the day is shot so might as well read the rest of the good stuff we got for ya’.

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