Friday morning update – 10-19-12

March 03, 2013


Friday morning update – 10-19-12

Greetings faithful readers. This week, Friday update has a mixture of the light-hearted, the devastatingly serious, and (as always) plenty of geek-fest spreadsheets and tables for you to roll around in. So tell your boss you spilled coffee on your shirt and ya gotta close the door to do a little laundry, and, as always, give yourself an affirmation (props to Stuart Smalley) and fully embrace all that Friday Update has to offer.

CMHNetwork weekly sign of the apocalypse
Who’s afraid of the big bad fiscal cliff? (Guaranteed if you watch this video you will be hummin’ this song all day.) It’s getting harder and harder to tell. Speaker John Boehner and President Obama haven’t spoken about the fiscal cliff known as sequestration in nearly four months. Seems our elected officials are waiting for the outcome of the election before deciding to get serious. Let’s see, that will give them, oh, about 55 days after the election to get it all figured out. No worries, right? Read the Politico article.

His name is Bill – and he is fighting against seclusion and restraint
Check out Morning Zen and read the story of one man’s fight against the system to ensure that what happened to his daughter never happens to anyone else. Network faithful, this is one topic that you would do well to educate yourself on. Kids are being traumatized with the inappropriate use of seclusion and restraint and that is a bottom-line that none of us want, regardless of whether you are a teacher, provider or family member. Details here.

AIDS advocates say sequestration threatens national AIDS strategy
Speaking of sequestration, we’ve got additional information for you that underscore the devastation sequestration would have on families who have loved ones with AIDS. Remember, AIDS has a crippling impact not just on the person who carries the virus; it also impacts family and loved ones, children with mental health challenges included! Details here.

Tampa conference is coming! Call for Papers and sponsorship information available here
Take out your calendar and write down the dates for the 26th Annual Children’s Mental Health Research and Policy Conference, March 3 – 6, 2013. We are oh so close to announcing our plenary lineup – you are going to love it. For now, if you haven’t finished your conference proposal, then get busy. This is also a good time to review the sponsorship opportunities available to you. Act quickly as sponsorship opportunities are limited. Details here.

Non-traditional health care workers need training and certification
Great article in the Lund Report pointing out the need for training and certification for navigators, peer wellness specialists and other non-traditional health care workers. Family organizations in all 50 states need to get busy if you want to be a part of the changes in health care that are happening now. This article about efforts in Oregon underscores the urgency of getting certification and training up and running. Time to get involved with your state exchanges folks – we need to be ahead of the curve on this one. Read it here.

Designing Navigator Programs to Meet the Needs of Consumers: Duties and Competencies
This detailed guide elaborates on the minimum requirements for navigators and discusses how states can expand the role of navigators to better serve consumers. It also includes a table with examples of activities that navigators can engage in to fulfill their required responsibilities. Good information for Navigator wanna-be’s…

Hey kids – gotta get your zzz’s
Okay folks, we know you know this, but it’s always good for some research to back up what we’ve been tellin’ our kids forever – gotta get your zzz’s. Teachers take note.

Youth engagement in residential settings – what youth suggest and what providers should know
Props to the Building Bridges Initiative Youth Advisory group for producing two great guides to help ensure that comprehensive mental health services and supports are available to improve the lives of young people and their families. Details here.

Planning on submitting a SAMHSA grant application? In 2013 it’s all electronic
Beginning in fiscal year 2013, SAMHSA discretionary grant applications, including new and continuation, must be submitted electronically through Good excuse to buy an IPAD. Details here.

Hang on for a minute; don’t go away, we have a few after-breakfast mints for you. Keep reading!

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