Friday morning update – 1-4-13

March 03, 2013


Friday morning update – 1-4-13

Greetings faithful readers. Well, here we are in 2013 with a… sort of… kind of… fiscal deal to keep things moving. Let us not forget that non-defense discretionary programs are still in the weeds so we all need to stay focused. And with that, here is a video message especially geared to our NASCAR obsessed Network Faithful. As Wally Dallenbach says, “If you’re gonna win the Cup, ya gotta stay focused.” Watch the video, commit the lessons learned to memory and then read on to see what’s new on the CMHNetwork website this week!

A fond adieu to Congressman Pete Stark
Regardless of your political affiliation it is important to recognize and honor those who have served our country for as many years as Pete Stark did. Congressman Stark lost reelection this November after serving 20 terms. Read my personal reflection in Morning Zen about the first time I met this powerhouse.

Ah, the sordid details of the “Cliff deal”
The Daily Mirror, National Enquirer or TMZ can’t hold a candle to the story in the National Journal about how the Cliff deal unfolded. Did the Speaker really tell Senator Reid to “Go F– Yourself” outside the Oval office? Perish the thought! Read on Network faithful…

Learning from the Newtown tragedy – we need to get literate about mental health
Don’t miss this heartfelt Morning Zen post from Jennifer Oppenheim, sharing her thoughts about what we can learn from the Newtown tragedy. Jennifer is the SAMHSA Project Officer for Project Launch. Those are some lucky grantees… Read the post here.

National Council looking for signatures on White House petition
Network faithful – The National Council for Behavioral Health has just begun a petition drive to give people who care about behavioral health a chance to sign on to a letter urging Congress and the President to strengthen federal support for mental health services. They need 25,000 signatures to get an official response from the White House and we are pleased to help them out. Time to get busy! Details here.

Gun Violence Prevention Task Force leadership announced
Following the tragic events in Newton, CT Rep. Mike Thompson was asked to chair the Gun Violence Prevention Task Force and since then has selected 12 Members of Congress to serve as vice chairs. The Task Force has already met and has begun the planning of various briefings on Capitol Hill related to this critical issue. Network faithful are advised to pay attention to whom the Vice Chairs are. If they represent your state then you know what to do. Call them! Details here.

Tampa conference – Announcement of the full agenda next week!  We are polishing the agenda for the 26th Annual Children’s Mental Health Research & Policy Conference and will post it online next week. We have a few surprises for you that are going to take your breath away, so register already! The Agenda at-a-Glance is now available for your review as is an amazing lineup of plenary presentations

Don’t miss Suganya Sockalingam at the Stigma conference in San Diego
The Family and Youth Roundtable is hosting their 4th annual Stigma, Discrimination, and Disparities in Children’s Services Conference February 13 – 15, 2013. Dr. Sockalingam is a Founding Partner and the Chief Executive Officer of Change Matrix, LLC.  Additionally, Suganya is co-founder and Executive Director of TeamWorks International LLC.  Both firms support agencies in their efforts to address Diversity, Cultural Competence, and Cross-Cultural Communication as well as Leadership, Collaboration and Conflict Management. Learn more about the conference here.

Shared decision-making part of ACA but has a long way to go
Quick quiz – do you know what ACA Section 3506 is? No worries, most people don’t. It is this beautifully eloquent and quiet requirement of the ACA that calls for shared decision-making. Those of us familiar with common mental health practice in public settings know that the care clients receive does not always align with what they want. According to a recent study just published in the New England Journal of Medicine that looked at more than 1000 office visits in which more than 3500 medical decisions were made, less than 10% of decisions met the minimum standards for informed decision making. Ouch! Okay Network faithful, especially the family advocates among us, use this information to your advantage and get busy. Oh, one little hiccup – unfortunately, Sec. 3506 is one of many provisions of the ACA that were authorized, but not funded. Given the federal fiscal crisis, unfunded provisions are unlikely to be implemented at this time. Now, you are not gonna let a little thing like that deter you, are you? Extrapolate the findings from the NEJM article to the work you do with youth and families. There is opportunity to make positive change here. Read on and get busy.

New round of Expansion grants announced
Check it out Network faithful. SAMHSA is accepting applications for another round of Expansion grants so pay attention, sharpen your pencils and get to writing. Details here.

Drug Treatment Courts offer hope for youth
After receiving a three-year Juvenile Treatment Drug Court grant from SAMHSA’s Center for Substance Abuse Treatment (CSAT) in 2010, Monterey County Health Department’s Hope for Youth/Esperanza para los Jóvenes has been trying to achieve better outcomes for youth by getting young offenders involved in a juvenile treatment drug court as an alternative to incarceration.  Preliminary results are showing promise. Details here.

APA looking for graduate students to serve
Are you a graduate student or know of one who has strong leadership potential and wishes to serve in an official American Psychological Association position? This looks like a great opportunity!

Is Friday Update workin’ for ya?
A big THANK YOU for reading and participating in Friday Update through our first full year for the Network. Our promise to you is that we will work hard to improve and expand our coverage of pertinent issues for children’s mental health advocates, families, policy makers and just plain folk who care about making our communities stronger. So, in the spirit of innovation and change, what would you do to improve Friday Update for 2013? Send us your ideas. We are grateful for any and all feedback, especially for ideas of how we can improve upon what we offer you. Not signed up yet to receive Friday Update every week? Sign up now and get the latest information you need to help you improve services for children and families. Forward a copy of this Update to a colleague and be a part of spreading the love about children’s mental health far and wide. Just be sure to give us a wee bit of credit, okay?

Let us know what you need from the Network!  
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Scott Bryant-Comstock
President & CEO

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