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Friday morning update – 1-11-13

March 03, 2013


Friday morning update – 1-11-13

Greetings faithful readers. We are going to hit you right off with a video worth watching. It’s 7 minutes in length and is representative of the collective spirit that is the Children’s Mental Health Network. Enjoy; listen to the words and music and let the imagery take you deep within your own heart so that you get a chance to reflect on the beauty that is the diversity of the Children’s Mental Health Network. Heck, if you only watch this video and then put away Friday Update, our work is done… But you know we want you to keep reading cuz we got great “stuff” this week…

Just announced
President Barack Obama will deliver the State of the Union address on Feb. 12, the White House said today. House Speaker John Boehner invited the president with a formal letter:

  • “Our nation continues to face immense challenges, and the American people expect us to work together in the New Year to find meaningful solutions,” Boehner said in the letter. “This will require a willingness to seek common ground as well as presidential leadership. For that reason, the Congress and the Nation would welcome an opportunity to hear your plan and specific solutions for addressing America’s great challenges.”

Speaking of Congress… Guess who is less popular than head lice, root canals and Genghis Khan?
Yep, it’s Congress… A recent Time news poll showed that Congress was even less popular than cockroaches, “one of the most phobia-inducing insects on the planet,” said Matt Peckham of Time magazine. However, being the strengths-based reporter that he is, Mr. Peckham noted that Congress was more popular than the Kardashians, North Korea and Lindsay Lohan, so that’s sayin’ somethin’, don’t ya think? Keep readin’ here.

What is the X date and why we should care…
Okay Network faithful, this is a “must read” if you are going to keep up with the firestorm that is about to ensue in Washington, DC over the X date (fiscal cliff pas de deux) and what may happen after it if nothing is done. Understanding the dynamics of what is in play is critically important for children’s mental health advocates. Click here to see how we break it down.

Medicaid cuts “blowin’ in the wind”
A recent article in the New York Times had me queasily humming the famous Bob Dylan tune “Blowing in the Wind.” It seems that Maine Governor Paul R. LePage was looking for ways to save revenue by eliminating Medicaid coverage for close to 15,000 parents with incomes between the federal poverty level ($23,050 for a family of four last year) and 133 percent of that level ($30,657 for a family of four). He also wanted to end coverage for more than 6,000 19- and 20-year-olds. This is a chilling reminder that a number of Network faithful fit in either or both of these categories. Read on to find out if he was successful and what you need to pay attention to.

Medicaid Health Homes and wraparound – what are the possibilities?
Hey Network faithful, this looks like an interesting webinar to attend. Given the swirling winds around Medicaid and what states will ultimately fund, it would be good to hear from seasoned Medicaid experts about how the Affordable Care Act lends itself to focusing on children with serious and complex behavioral needs. Details here.

Family Leaders call for improved mental health capacity
A cross-section of Family Leaders have come together in response to the call for improved mental health capacity following the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. Family members are invited to review and sign on to a letter to the President, Vice-President and members of Congress to collectively call for action. Click here for details on how to get involved.

Tampa conference – Announcement of the full agenda next week! 
We are pleased to confirm that David K. Mineta, Deputy Director of Demand Reduction for the Office of National Drug Control Policy at the White House, will be presenting as part of a panel focusing the prevalence and co-morbidity of internalizing and externalizing mental health disorders, substance use disorders, and crime and violence; with a discussion of the low rates of treatment access and engagement, including evidence of health disparities by gender, race, age and involvement in the juvenile justice system. Seriously, like you need any more reasons to sign up? So register already! The Agenda at-a-Glance is now available for your review as is the amazing lineup of plenary presentations

4th Annual Conference on Stigma, Discrimination and Disparities in Children’s Services!
In homes all across America, young people are frantically trying to come up with an imaginary illness, because they can’t bear another school day filled with ridicule and torment. Mothers are crying themselves to sleep because they see that their child is in pain, but feel powerless to help. Friends and acquaintances are “looking the other way” because they can’t stand the thought of being verbally and emotionally tortured themselves. This is your opportunity to take action to help to eradicate stigma, discrimination and disparities, as we know them! Please join us for the 4th Annual Children’s Services Stigma & Disparities Conference February 13-15, 2015 in sunny San Diego! Click here to register today!

Pediatrician makes a case for an easy-to-navigate health insurance exchange in Pennsylvania
Check out this on-target post by Dr. Robert Cicco in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. This pediatrician lays out in simple terms the value of a health exchange for children with physical and behavioral needs. Good reading for Network faithful.

Tragedies put spotlight on mental illness, families
A recent post in the U-T San Diego News, features an interview with Muffy Walker, President of the International Bi-Polar Foundation. In the article, Ms. Walker details the challenges for youth with bi-polar diagnoses and their families in the midst of the national attention on the Sandy Hook tragedy. Read on.

Family Checkup
Drug addiction often starts in the teen years, and research shows that parents are crucial in keeping their kids from starting on drugs. But parents may have some questions – notably, how to do it. The web-based “Family Checkup” offers a novel approach. Check it out.

Latest health care reform update from Kids Well
All of you Exchange freaks (and yes, we definitely fit in that category) are encouraged to check out the latest update from Kids Well. Shhh… Don’t tell anyone (it will be our little secret), but they are our favorite source for updates on the health exchanges.  Check it out.

Innovative Ideas Challenge (California only)
Hey Californians, this one is for you! The California Endowment has just released its “Innovative Ideas Challenge” which will award grants to applicants who implement the most compelling new ideas addressing health issues in California. Details here.

What? More Statewide Family Network grants? Sweet!
SAMHSA is accepting applications for the Statewide Family Network Program (deadline 3/7/13).  Up to 30 awards are anticipated with available funding of $2,540,000. These are 3-year grants for between $60-70,000. Get the details here and apply already!

Jobs, jobs and more jobs
Thanks for the props coming in about our jobs page. There are a number of great positions posted including the newest one from Youth M.O.V.E. National (YMN) – the national organization for youth voice and authentic engagement within child serving systems. YMN is seeking a Member Services Intern to assist the Director of Member Services during Spring 2013. Get on it quick. This one won’t last. Details here.

More cookies! Hey, you should really share Friday Update with your loved ones… Or, as Cookie Monster might say, “Share it maybe” – Oh c’mon, click on the video link. Who can resist Cookie Monster?

  • Coping with Violence and Traumatic Events
    Following the tragedy in Sandy Hook, CT, many parents, families and communities are seeking help to cope with the aftermath. SAMSHA has released a new online resource titled, Coping with Violence and Traumatic Events.
  • Important message to Peer-run organizations from SAMHSA
    The 2013 BRSS TACS State Peer Awards for Health Reform Education will enable peer-run organizations/recovery community organizations form networks dedicated to increasing awareness about the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) programs and the services offered through the Affordable Insurance Exchanges and Medicaid.

Is Friday Update workin’ for ya?
A big THANK YOU for reading and participating in Friday Update through our first full year for the Network. Our promise to you is that we will work hard to improve and expand our coverage of pertinent issues for children’s mental health advocates, families, policy makers and just plain folk who care about making our communities stronger. So, in the spirit of innovation and change, what would you do to improve Friday Update for 2013? Send us your ideas. We are grateful for any and all feedback, especially for ideas of how we can improve upon what we offer you. Not signed up yet to receive Friday Update every week? Sign up now and get the latest information you need to help you improve services for children and families. Forward a copy of this Update to a colleague and be a part of spreading the love about children’s mental health far and wide. Just be sure to give us a wee bit of credit, okay?

Let us know what you need from the Network!  
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Scott Bryant-Comstock
President & CEO

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