Free online wraparound learning community kicking into gear

December 19, 2014

Hey Network faithful, the good folks at Vroon VDB have a personal appeal for all of you wraparound afficianados.

  • Fact:  Wraparound is hard, and we all face challenges.
  • Fact:  Wraparound professionals are smart and hard working, and we try our best to meet our challenges head on
  • Fact:  Many of us are struggling with the same challenges.

If we all started talking about what we are doing - what works and what doesn’t – we could save a lot of time and effort we are wasting reinventing the wheel. When we have great ideas, they could help families beyond just those in our own agencies. When we hit a wall, we would have a pool of talented individuals to turn to with our questions.

Many people have started doing this locally with coaching groups or inter-agency meetings. This is  a fantastic beginning. But let’s think nationally, maybe even globally. For the last ten months, we have been posting a weekly blog designed to help start discussions and keep people up to date with the latest innovations in wraparound. A lot of people have been reading it, and we have received a great deal of private correspondence about the topics we post. It’s time to take your questions and ideas public. Post them as comments on entries that intrigue you. Let’s start a real discussion. 

What do you think? Do you want to be part of a free and open wraparound learning community? Do you need to read a little more about what we have in mind? Do you have a better idea about how to do this? Let us know. This cannot happen without you.

If you are interested in being a part of this learning community, contact Brittany Rastsmith, Director of Training and Social Media, Vroon VDB, LLC.

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