Four strategies to slow the rise in health costs

December 07, 2012

Network faithful – Here is what we are reading this weekend. The Rand Corporation has produced what looks to be an interesting read on specific strategies to slow the rise in health costs. Looks like raking the leaves will need to wait till next week…

Four strategies to slow the rise in health costs
America’s growing health care spending is fueling the federal budget deficit, crowding out state budget priorities, hindering the competitiveness of businesses, and jeopardizing families’ finances. Researchers have outlined four broad strategies to constrain health spending growth:

  • Foster efficient health providers: Providers must be motivated to focus on patient safety, value rather than volume, and eliminating wasteful and inappropriate care.
  • Empower consumers: Patients need access to information—and to have a financial interest in their health care decisions.
  • Promote population health: The majority of premature deaths in the U.S. are due to behavioral and environmental causes.
  • Facilitate high-value innovation: Developers of health care technology currently have little incentive to work toward cost efficiency.
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