Fotonovela for families!

August 11, 2012

The Latino Leadership Council, working with Placer County, recently produced a fotonovela in English and Spanish that addresses some of the issues they often see with the families with whom they work. The fotonovela addresses problems at school, between spouses and between parents and kids. It also educates the reader about how promotoras and promotores can help with these issues and about resources available in the community.

Click on the links below to see the fotonovela in English or Spanish.

Fotonovela in English, dealing with family dynamics and how promotoras can help.Fotonovela in Spansh, dealing with family dynamics and how promotoras can help.

The Network is always on the lookout for examples of the collective, collaborative spirit that defines who we are. The Latino Leadership Council in California fits the bill for us. We encourage you to check out their work. Here is how to get in touch with them:

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