Federation creating Family Movement Pioneers & Heroes Hall of Fame

October 02, 2014

The National Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health is calling for nominations for “Pioneers and Heroes” of the family movement over the past 25 years to coincide with their 25th anniversary conference. Read the message below from Sandra Spencer, Executive Director and send in your nominations!

  • As all of you know, this year marks the 25th Anniversary of the National Federation and what has come to be known as the Family Movement.  There have been countless pioneers and heroes over the last 25-30 years who helped start this movement- the pioneers, and those who have done great things to keep the movement going- the heroes. You are getting this email because you are one of those pioneers.  Let me apologize now for the long email, but please read and help me with this.

    We want to capture the history of the family movement and pay tribute to all who have worked to make it happen and to keep it growing.  We will be creating a Family Movement Pioneers and Heroes Hall of Fame. If you know a person who is either a pioneer or hero of the family movement, please let me know about them. Of course, start with yourself! 

    During the National Federation’s 25th Annual Anniversary Conference, we will honor several pioneers and heroes.  So here is what I need form you please: 

  • Send in the names of people you know who are heroes and pioneers of the family movement along with 3 bullet points about them. 

  • Send pictures, images of documents, book covers or any other visual aids that represent that person.  We will also look through our pictures here as well.

  • Send a copy of any other items you have that reflect the Federation’s history and that of these pioneers.

  • Several of the names we receive will be showcased during the anniversary celebration at the Saturday luncheon during the November conference .  We anticipate getting far too many responses to showcase everyone at once, so we will keep this going until the end of the year and have a wonderful visual showcase on our website that will honor these pioneers and heroes.

    Please have all pioneer and heroes to us no later than October 17th if you want them considered as a part of the live anniversary celebration.  All entries received after October 17th will be showcased on our web site in the Family Movement Pioneers and Heroes Hall of Fame showcase. I hope this will be a fun activity for you and that you are willing to help out.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

  • Click here to send in your nominations.

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