Emergency Medical Services Corps – Providing an opportunity for young men to become competent and successful health care providers

February 19, 2014

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation consistently takes the concept of a system of care approach one step further in the work of their grantees. Take time to watch the video below and visit the RWJ website to learn more about some of the innovative work of their grantees.

  • The Alameda County Public Health Department’s EMS Corps program, supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, is helping local health care providers expand and diversify their workforce by training young men and women from the community to be emergency medical professionals. As this video illustrates, EMS Corps offers more than just traditional EMT training. It also provides students support through life coaching, transformative mentoring, community service, mental health and wellness to improve health outcomes.
  • “By identifying and training talented young men of color from some of the most under resourced communities in California’s Alameda County, EMS Corps is creating a diverse, highly professional pool of emergency medical professionals with roots in the neighborhoods they serve. The current pilot is demonstrating successful outcomes for participating youth. We’ve made a second grant to help participants with a history of childhood trauma in their own lives to heal their wounds and use their experiences to help others.”  Maisha Simmons, Program Officer
  • Visit the RWJ website to learn more.  

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