During meetings I can’t stand it when…

December 20, 2013

Pathways to Positive Futures has two new tip sheets designed to help increase youth participation in team meetings. The tip sheets are colorful and engaging, and based on the work of our youth advisors. One is aimed at youth– it’s called “During meetings I cant stand it when…” and makes suggestions about what young people can do to help their teams avoid making meetings uncomfortable for them. The other tip sheet focuses on what team facilitators can do to help teams avoid creating situations that young people most dislike.

Additionally, they have two new additions to their series on youth peer support. These are case studies that provide details on how the youth/young adult peer support specialist role has been implemented. One focuses on peer support in wraparound, and the other on direct one-on-one peer support offered to youth and young adults independently of any other program (though a focus of the peer support is to link young people to community services and resources as appropriate).

Do these folks ever rest? Good on ya Pathways!

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