Dr. Dennis Embry to speak at national children’s behavioral health research and policy conference

January 09, 2015


New Plenary session announced!

The United States leads the way in scientific strategies that can prevent or protect against lifetime mental, emotional and behavioral strategies. That science is better than the early studies of the Salk vaccine against polio. This talk details how that science could be practically implemented prenatally through late adolescence/young adulthood. Hyperlinks and tools for a national movement will be available, with the relevant scientific references and practical steps.

We are in the midst of an epidemic far greater than the polio epidemic, yet we seem not to notice the epidemic of mental, emotional, behavioral and related physical disorders. The current epidemic in North America makes the polio epidemic look like a bad cold. As a society, we have a sort of collective anosognosia about the epidemic, except when there is a heinous violent crime by somebody obviously in the midst of a psychotic episode. After the event, we endure endless media about who is to blame—as if that actually will stop the epidemic.

Every day hundreds of people die in America from the preventable sequelae mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders and tens of thousands become “infected” with those preventable disorders. This keynote address gives the hard facts about the scale of the epidemic that cuts across every social class, just like polio did. Most don’t know these facts, despite the fact every family in America is touched by the epidemic in both direct and indirect ways that drain the future of America.

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About the presenter:

dennisDennis Embry, President/Senior Scientist at PAXIS Institute – Dennis D. Embry is a prominent prevention scientist in the United States and Canada, trained as a clinician and developmental and child psychologist. He is president/senior scientist at PAXIS Institute in Tucson and co-investigator at Johns Hopkins University and the Manitoba Centre for Health Policy. His work and that of colleagues was cited in 2009 the Institute of Medicine Report on The Prevention of Mental, Emotional and Behavioral Disorders Among Young People. Clinically his work has focused on children and adults with serious mental illnesses. He was responsible for drafting of the letter to the Wall Street Journal detailing effective strategies for preventing mental illness, signed by  23 scientists, who collectively represent scores of randomized prevention trials of mental illnesses published in leading scientific journals. In March 2014, his work and the work of several signatories was featured in a Prime-TV special on the Canadian Broadcast Corporation on the prevention of mental illnesses among children—which have become epidemic in North America. 

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