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CMHNetwork Friday Update 2/19/22

February 19, 2022

Greetings, Network faithful. I’ve got a treat for you. Sit back, turn up the sound, and relish in the mastery of Marc Martel as he covers the iconic Queen song, Bohemian Rhapsody. Oh my, oh my. Go ahead and watch it twice, and then get to readin’ Friday Update, cuz we got work to do!  

Most Important Reads of the Week

Behavioral Health Data Added to Health Equity Tracker
In support of the Satcher Health Leadership Institute’s (SHLI) commitment to creating systemic change at the intersection of policy and equity, the Health Equity Tracker (HET) team is excited to announce the expansion of the health outcomes offerings of the tracker through the creation of a “Behavioral Health” category and the addition of six (6) indicators: Frequent Mental Distress, Depression, Suicide (Deaths), Illicit Opioid Use, Non-Medical Drug Use, and Alcohol Use (Excessive Drinking). This tool is a “must-have” if you are looking for easy-to-access county and state information relevant to your efforts to improve health equity. The Children’s Mental Health Network is a proud advisor to the development efforts of the Health Equity Tracker. Check it out!

The Allegory of the Orchard – The Political Determinants of Health by Daniel E. Dawes
Enjoy this video story by Daniel E. Dawes, Executive Director, Satcher Health Leadership Institute, Morehouse School of Medicine. The story explains the impact of political determinants of health on all aspects of health. This six-minute video is an easy and enjoyable way to help people “get it” when discussing health equity. Learn more about health equity hereBeautiful job, Daniel!

Appropriate Care and Treatment Study
Looking for opinions from former youth residents of residential treatment facilities and their parents.
The study team at the University of South Florida Department of Child and Family Studies is conducting a national online survey of former youth residents of residential treatment facilities and their parents and caregivers to understand their experiences and perspective of the care received by the facilities. Download the flyer here.

‘America’s New Civil War.’ Inside Local School Board Meetings
Okay, Network faithful, I encourage you to read this most thoughtful post by Melanie Wilson, Evaluation Specialist for Youth Catalytics. Melanie walks us through the increasingly volatile battlefield that has overtaken local school board meetings in this post. Her challenge to us as helping professionals is simple – how can we get involved, with all of our fantastic skill sets, and support local community efforts to work through conflict that, at the moment, seems insurmountable? Give this post a read and respond in the comment section at the end of the post.

Survey Seeks to Inform National Advocacy Efforts on Psychiatric Disability-Based Discrimination in Higher Education
Have you experienced Psychiatric disability-based discrimination or the denial of an accommodation in a postsecondary institution in the United States? Are you interested in informing national advocacy focus on psych disability rights in higher ed? If so, participate in this survey to help inform national advocacy efforts! Mental Health America, the University of Pittsburgh, Project Lets, and the Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law have developed a survey aimed at providing a more comprehensive understanding of student experiences of campus-based discrimination, mandated leaves of absence, and denial of academic, administrative and student-work accommodations in the United States.

Grab and Go Tools for Improving Everyday Mental Health Practice
Here is yet another golden nugget from School Mental Health Ontario. Check out the “Grab and Go” section of their website for simple learning activities as part of your everyday mental health practices at school or home! Learn more about the work of School Mental Health Ontario here.

Nominations Open for 2022 James Jackson Memorial Award
Nominations due April 18, 2022
Are you or is someone you know an outstanding researcher in the field of mental health disparities research? NIMH is seeking nominations for the 2nd annual James Jackson Memorial Award, which honors a researcher who has demonstrated exceptional individual achievement and leadership in mental health disparities research and excellence in mentorship, influence, and support of trainees.  Nominations are open to intramural and extramural mental health disparities researchers, and previous applicants are allowed and encouraged to re-apply.

Help Identify Existing Supported Education Programs
A coalition of national technical assistance centers—the National Empowerment Center, Youth MOVE National’s Peer Center, Doors to Wellbeing, The CAFE TA Center, and the Peer Support Coalition of Florida’s Peer Experience National Technical Assistance Center–are developing a national database (program listing) of supported education programs. The coalition has developed a survey to collect program information and invites any mental health-focused supported education program, whether based in a university, mental health agency, state or county office or other organization, to submit information about their program through the survey. If this applies to you, take a few moments to complete the survey, and share it in your networks. 

An Applied Research Agenda on Black Children and Families to Advance Practices and Policies That Promote Their Well-being
This Child Trends brief highlights “the need for, approach to developing, and steps toward building an applied research agenda that deepens understanding of the diversity of Black children and families, contextualizes their experiences within systems and institutions, and produces evidence to inform policies and practices that promote their well-being in the 21st century… Employing a racial equity approach and a multi-step process that considers stakeholder voices promises the development of an agenda that can advance policies to move the nation closer to racial justice and improved opportunities and outcomes for all children and families.”

NAMI Releases “Meet Little Monster” Children’s Mental Health Coloring & Activity Book
NAMI announces the release of “Meet Little Monster,” a mental health coloring and activity book created for young children as a tool for them to express and explore their feelings in a fun, creative and empowering way, as well as to help foster dialogue between children and the safe adults in their lives. NAMI is proud to make “Meet Little Monster” available for download to families, organizations, teachers, and young people across the country at no cost in English as well as Spanish.

Study Outlines Ways to Help Children Learn Forgiveness
A recent study suggests that teaching children to understand other people’s perspectives could make it easier to learn how to forgive other people. The study also found that teaching children to make sincere apologies can help them receive forgiveness from others.

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