Can Active States Endure A Ground Shift? Implications Of The Supreme Court’s Health Reform Decision

June 06, 2012

Great post by Sonya Schwartz at Health Affairs Blog. In the post she looks at 14 states actively implementing the health care reform law and hypothesizes the impact of the pending Supreme Court decision on the ACA in terms of a Richter Scale. What will be the size of the quake and what will be the fallout?

from the article…

  • We do not know what the Supreme Court will decide about the Affordable Care Act, but we do know that changes to the ACA’s coverage provisions would have a major impact on states already active in implementing the law. Would active states be able to overcome the loss of key provisions? That depends on the Richter Scale magnitude of the ground shift set off by the Court’s decision.

    For the purposes of this analysis, we have identified 14 states as actively implementing the health reform law: Alabama, Connecticut, California, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, and Vermont.  They are considered active because they have completed at least five of seven progress criteria based on exchange development, insurance reforms, the Medicaid expansion, and public sharing of implementation information. For more details about which states are active and why, see our activity chart on State Refor(u)m.

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