Ben & Jerry’s Foundation grants available

January 10, 2014

Time for some chunky monkey, Network faithful! The Ben and Jerry’s Foundation is getting ready to award one-year grants of up to $20,000 to nonprofit, grassroots community-organizing groups in the United States to further social and environmental justice and support sustainable and just-food systems. Grants can be used to support either programming or operations costs.

Think outside the box on this one Network faithful. You may be asking, “What does sustainable and just-food systems have to do with the mental health of children and youth?” Well, just about everything, so get creative and apply.

The foundation will only consider proposals from grassroots, constituent-led organizations that have annual budgets under $500,000 and are using direct action, grassroots, and community-organizing strategies to accomplish their goals.

See the Ben & Jerry’s Foundation Web site for complete eligibility and application guidelines as well as summaries of grant recipients from previous years.

Okay folks, you know who you are – sharpen the pencils and get busy on this one.

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