Are You Parenting a Child Between the Ages of 3-17 Who Has Been Diagnosed With a Mental or Behavioral Health Condition?

September 01, 2023

From our colleagues at California State University Monterey Bay

Are You Parenting a Child Between the Ages of 3-17 Who Has Been Diagnosed With a Mental or Behavioral Health Condition?

  • Are you also currently working full time for pay?
  • Have you ever or are you currently struggling to manage work and your child’s mental health care needs?
  • Do you wonder whether telling your employer could help you take better care of your child because it might lead to getting emotional support or flexibility at work?
  • Do you wonder if telling your employer could lead to being judged, harassed, or discriminated against?

Then, we want to hear from you!

We are developing a decision-making tool that can help parents like you make informed choices about disclosure based on your understanding of your care and work responsibilities, understanding of the risks and benefits of disclosure, available resources, and preferences.

We are looking for parents to serve on our virtual project advisory group (PAG).

What’s involved?
Be able to meet once a month with research team through zoom. The project will run through Spring 2024.

What do I do in the monthly meetings?
Work with the research team by sharing your experiences with making decisions about when, what, how much and who to tell about your child’s condition when trying to get support at work.

Participants will be paid $50 per meeting.

What if I have never told my employer about my child’s mental health?
That’s okay. We want to hear from parents who have told, have told a little, or have never told their employer about their child’s mental health needs.

Still interested?
Please click on this link and enter your contact information. We will reach out to you to set up a time to discuss the project and your possible involvement. Please note that members of the advisory group will be asked to check and use email at least once time per week and should have reliable internet connection so they can share their opinions and ideas with the group.

Do you still have questions?
Please contact Dr. Lisa Stewart, Professor, Department of Social Work, California State University Monterey Bay at 831-582-5349 or email

This project has been approved by California State University Monterey Bay’s Institutional Review Board. IRB 00003173.

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