Action Alert – Conference call to mobilize around the Healthy Transitions Initiative rescheduled for Friday, September 6 at 3:00 pm EST

August 30, 2013

A nasty virus has hit the home base of the Children’s Mental Health Network making it necessary to reschedule our Healthy Transitions Initiative conference call to next week. Not to worry, the local pharmacist has prescribed a powerful anti-sequestration medication that seems to be doing the trick. Maybe we will share it with our friends in Washington…

(All is not lost – Friday Update will be on your front doorstep in a few hours)

Here are the details for the rescheduled call:

The Children’s Mental Health Network is hosting a follow-up Call to Action conference call for those interested in educating elected officials about the value of supporting the continued funding for the Healthy Transitions Initiative (HTI). The funding for the next round of HTI grants was in the President’s budget but was removed in the Senate Appropriations budget. We need to change that. If you work with young adults 18 – 25 or are a young adult yourself and want to see improvements in services and supports for young people at this important stage of life, then this call is for you.

Updates will be provided. We need more stories so send them in!

Looking forward to your participation on the call, 

Scott Bryant-Comstock 
President & CEO

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