A Response to Structural Racism in the Behavioral Health Delivery System: Exploring Social Support and Social Capital to Contribute Towards Equity

March 27, 2021

Please join this exciting study to better understand mental health services for African American children with mental health conditions. The study is seeking African American families of children with diagnosed mental health conditions and behavioral health professionals to participate in a one hour virtual interview to discuss mental health services and the behavioral health system.

The eligibility criteria for the study includes:

  • English-speaking; 2)18 years old and older;
  • Identify as an African American family member of a child with a mental health condition or
  • Identify as a behavioral health professional/system leader/subject matter expert that works with African American children and families with mental health conditions; and,
  • a resident of the United States.

A $25 gift card may be available to all participants. Please contact Julie Radlauer-Doerfler at for more information.

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