A free training series on a “Practical Guide to Healthcare Reform” offered by Manatt Health Solutions

March 01, 2014

Listen up Network faithful – we have a wonderful opportunity to participate in a training series on “A Practical Guide to Healthcare Reform: The ABCs of Eligibility under the ACA.”  This series is being offered to the KidsWell network and their partners on a pro bono basis by Manatt Health Solutions. This is a great opportunity for those of you who find yourself answering questions from clients, colleagues and friends about health insurance options available through the ACA. 

Targeted to community-based organizations, in-person assisters, Navigators and others seeking to help individuals understand their health insurance options, this five-part educational program will help you navigate the complex eligibility and enrollment rules under the ACA.  Presenters will walk you through the rules that govern individual eligibility for Medicaid, premium tax credits and cost sharing reductions, and suggest strategies to inform consumers’ decisions when exploring their health coverage options. 

There are two opportunities to participate.  First, Manatt is hosting the full series of five webinars every Wednesday from 2:00-3:30 p.m. ET beginning March 5th.  In addition, Manatt is immediately available to offer free trainings, on a pro bono basis, to groups of 50 or more on any of the five topics listed below. If we can get 50 or more avid Children’s Mental Health Network faithful for any of the topics described below, Manatt will offer a personalized session just for us. How cool is that? Send us your request and as soon as we get 50 people signed up we will send chocolates and flowers to the folks at Manatt and they will schedule an amazing training as soon as possible!

The five-part series includes:

  • Affordable Care Act Primer (March 5). Learn how the ACA is transforming healthcare coverage, including how Medicaid and CHIP are changing—and how those changes fit within the broader context of healthcare reform. Topics include an overview of the new Marketplaces, Advance Premium Tax Credits (APTCs), Cost-Sharing Reductions (CSRs), private insurance reforms and the shared responsibility payment. Register for the March 5 webinar today!
  • Medicaid 101 (March 12). Understand the Medicaid eligibility and enrollment changes under the ACA. Review which states have decided to expand Medicaid and the implications of this decision. Understand the new benefit requirements for adults covered as a result of the Medicaid expansion. Find out how Medicaid fits within the continuum of coverage opportunities available under the ACA. Register for the March 12 webinar today!
  • Advance Payments of Premium Tax Credits (APTCs) and Cost-Sharing Reductions (CSRs): A Practical Guide (March 19).  Learn about the financial and nonfinancial eligibility criteria for APTCs and CSRs. Gain insights into the options for using APTCs to purchase plans. Learn the two ways APTCs can be received. Take a detailed look at how the APTC is calculated. Get an in-depth view of the income measure (Modified Adjusted Gross Income) used to evaluate eligibility and calculate the size of APTCs and CSRs. Register for the March 19 webinar today!
  • Advance Payment of the Premium Tax Credit Reconciliation (March 26). Understand what reconciliation is, how it works and how to calculate it through real-world examples. Discover effective strategies for minimizing APTC repayment, including accurately projecting household size and income, taking less tax credit in advance and promptly reporting household and income changes. Get a step-by-step guide to obtaining and reconciling APTCs. Register for the March 26 webinar!
  • Qualified Health Plan Selection: The Keys to Choosing the Right Option (April 2). Learn about the factors to consider when selecting a Qualified Health Plan. Identify the key considerations to take into account beyond cost, including provider networks and formulary designs. Explore the interplay between premiums and cost-sharing across metal levels, as well as for catastrophic coverage. Walk through specific, real-life examples that demonstrate the implications of premium and cost-sharing options for consumers, depending on their ages, incomes and health needs. Register for the April 2 webinar!

Remember, if you want a personalized training let us know. We need a minimum of 50 people for the training before we send our request to the good folks at Manatt.If you have any questions, contact Scott Bryant-Comstock at 919-219-2342 or

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