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May 21, 2015

fatherhood8th Annual Fatherhood Solution Conference
June 19, 2015
Father’s Day – It Happens 365 Times a Year!

It’s time again for the Children’s Institute’s annual Fatherhood Solution Conference. This is your opportunity to join a distinguished lineup of speakers and experts in the field of parenting and fatherhood. Explore vital issues. Come away with new knowledge and resources. This year’s theme reflects the importance fathers play in their children’s, families’ and communities’ daily lives.

If you are a child or family service provider, therapist, program administrator, policymaker, parent or caregiver, child/family advocate, educator, medical or legal professional, clergy, in law enforcement, or anyone who is interested in issues affecting children and families — this conference is for you.

Featured Speakers:

  • Robert K. Ross, MD
  • Daryl Rowe, PhD
  • Chris Hickey, PhD
  • Jerry Tello
  • Patrick Mitchell
  • Jorja Leap, PhD

Conference Highlights
Several dynamic tracks will provide attendees with enhanced learning opportunities:

Fatherhood Impact on Early Childhood Development & Education
Workshops in this track will discuss the critical role of fathers during their child’s early childhood years. It will discuss how fathers are the first teachers of their child and the impact that fathers have on their child’s cognitive, social, emotional, and intellectual development. Presenters will address the impact of Fathers on Early Childhood Development, School Readiness and Child Outcomes with workshops supporting the needs of early childhood education profession and those working with infants, toddlers and young children.

Fatherhood & Child Welfare (All the Systems)
Workshops in this track will explore major overarching issues that have an impact on fathers and their ability to be present in their children’s lives. Presenters will focus on the delivery of services to fathers and their families through community-based and child welfare programs.

Inclusion/Cultural Competency
This track of workshops will cover topics that are geared toward acknowledging and valuing differences. Workshops will cover all key aspects of diversity and inclusion using case studies and activities, as well as cover the more recent applications of: culture brokering, cultural competency, race, privilege and inclusion.

Just for Dads (Father Track)
The Father Track workshops will cover topics that are relevant and beneficial to fathers in attendance. These workshops are geared toward: new dads, experienced dads, teen fathers, single fathers, divorced dads, stepdads, grandfathers, father figures, role model dads, mothers of dads, children of dads, couples…everyone who wants to learn how to be a better parent.

Spanish Track
This group of workshops will include topics from all tracks but will be presented in SPANISH.

  • Where:
    Westin Los Angeles Airport Hotel
    5400 Century Boulevard | Los Angeles, CA 90045
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    June 19, 2015

    8:30 am to 5:00 pm
  • Westin Los Angeles Airport Hotel
    5400 Century Boulevard
    Los Angeles, CA 90045
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