6 1/2 years of selfies show her life with mental illness

September 12, 2014

Rebecca Brown spent six and one half years filming her face on a daily basis. Rebecca suffers from a variety of mental health issues, including depression, anxiety, trichotillomania, and dermatillomania.

In her words:

  • Q: Trichotillo-what?!
  • A: Trichotillomania. It’s a complex hair disorder, where I am compelled to tear it all out strand by strand. It’s classified as an ICD (similar to OCD).

“ICD” means impulse control disorder. “OCD” means obsessive-compulsive disorder. Dermatillomania is a condition that causes one to obsessively pick their skin.

Rebecca Brown is an amazing individual who is letting other people who suffer in silence know they’re not alone. 

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