Meet Our Interns!

Melissa Sirola

How Mindfulness Impacts Mental Health and Wellbeing of Children
Melissa Sirola is a registered nurse with over 20 years of experience in the healthcare field. Melissa has worked as a staff nurse, a nurse administrator, and an educator, teaching nursing leadership at several local universities. Melissa is currently pursuing a Doctor of Nursing Practice in Leadership and Health Care Innovations at the University of Missouri Sinclair School of Nursing. She is researching the effects of Mindfulness on behavioral and mental health issues with children in rural primary school settings. Melissa is excited for the opportunity to work with the Children’s Mental Health Network to research, explore, and report on innovative Mindfulness programs that exist in various parts of the country and around the world.


Jennifer Bregman

Improving Quality Standards in Residential Care
Jennifer Bregman is in the Masters of Science program in Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health with a concentration in Leadership at the University of South Florida. Jennifer is also a Certified Child Life Specialist and works with children and their families to promote positive coping strategies during their hospitalization. Jennifer is passionate about advocating for her patients and influencing change for policy decisions in favor of children’s mental health. During her internship, Jennifer will first be conducting a review of all current and proposed legislation related to quality standards for residential care programs in all 50 states. After the nationwide scan, Jennifer will then facilitate an in-depth state specific analysis and conduct interviews with various residential care leaders. Jennifer is excited for this opportunity to work with the Children’s Mental Health Network and contribute towards the future of children and their families.