tmhlogoMay is National Mental Health Awareness Month and Magellan Health Services is calling attention to the mental health of children, youth and families for its third-annual Take Mental Health To Heart campaign. Take Mental Health To Heart is a program developed by Magellan Health Services to raise awareness of important mental and behavioral health issues facing Americans. Magellan is partnering with the Children’s Mental Health Network for the 2013 campaign. Throughout the month of May, Magellan and the Children’s Mental Health Network will share important information on a variety of mental health related topics focused on making a positive investment in children, youth and their families. In honor of the 2013 Take Mental Health to Heart campaign and partnership, Magellan is donating $10,000 to the Children’s Mental Health Network. Thank you Magellan!

Each week during the month of May we will bring you resources, tip sheets, videocasts, webinars, and articles for and by families that address the many ways you can invest in the lives of young people living with mental and behavioral health challenges and their families.

But first things first!

seedHave you "Planted your seed" yet? If yes, wonderful! If not, what are you waiting for? In honor of everyone who plants a seed to invest in America’s youth during Mental Health Awareness Month (May 2013), Magellan Health Services will donate $10,000 to the Children’s Mental Health Network to help advocate for an improved children’s mental health delivery system. Thank you Magellan for your continued support! Plant your seed now.

questionHave you "Asked Your Question" yet? If yes, thank you for being a champion for children's mental health! If not, what are you waiting for? It's an easy and fun way to show your support by sharing the question you think needs to be asked to improve children’s mental health. Your questions will help us collectively imagine and advocate for improved mental health services and supports for children, youth and families. Ask your question!

Awareness Month Picks for the Week of May 6 - 10, 2013

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