Uncompensated Care Costs Fell in Nearly Every State as ACA’s Major Coverage Provisions Took Effect -- Medicaid Waivers That Create Barriers to Coverage Jeopardize Gains

Hospitals’ and other providers’ uncompensated care costs have fallen significantly since the implementation of the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) major coverage provisions. But approved and proposed Medicaid waivers that would take Medicaid away from people not working or engaged in work activities for a set number of hours each month; lock people out of coverage for not paying premiums or meeting other requirements; and/or delay access to coverage jeopardize the financial gains beneficiaries, hospitals and other providers, and states have made. By making it harder for beneficiaries to obtain and maintain coverage, these proposals will not only impede access to care, they will also increase uncompensated care (services for which neither an insurer nor the patient reimburses providers), especially for hospitals.
Year: 2018
Author: Jessica Schubel and Matt Broaddus