Updating the System of Care Concept and Philosophy

The system of care concept for children and adolescents with mental health challenges and their families was first published in 1986 (Stroul & Friedman), articulating a definition for a system of care along with a framework and philosophy to guide its implementation. The concept and philosophy were the result of a participatory process that began with the 1984 initiation of the Child and Adolescent Service System Program (the first Federal program to systematically address children’s mental health) and involved multiple and diverse stakeholders including policy makers, service providers, agency administrators, technical assistance providers, family members, advocates, leaders in cultural competence, researchers, and others. And now, 25 years later, the concept is widely accepted, used, and adapted in national policy and across service systems in states, communities, tribes, and territories.

Year: 2010
Author: Beth A. Stroul, M.Ed.; Gary M. Blau, Ph.D;. Robert M. Friedman, Ph.D.