SAMHSA Announces AOT Training for Community Leaders

SAMHSA will present two-day trainings at three different sites across the nation in May and June to address the common barriers that public mental health officials and judges have reported as reasons for not fully implementing AOT in their communities. The curriculum, developed by the Treatment Advocacy Center (TAC) in consultation with SAMHSA, will be targeted to leaders and policymakers of state and local mental health agencies, judges who currently preside over civil commitment dockets, coordinators and providers of outpatient services to high-risk individuals with mental illness, and leaders of peer and/or family advocacy groups. The big question for me is to better understand who, besides TAC, was involved in the development of the curriculum. As long-time readers know, AOT was a polarizing topic among mental health advocates during the debate around Representative Murphy's Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act. How SAMHSA incorporates the voices of all sides of the AOT debate into its training and education efforts is an important story that we will be following closely.

Year: 2017