Rosalyn Carter Fellowships for Mental Health Journalism—Apply Now

The Carter Center is now accepting applications from U.S. residents for six 1-year journalism fellowships with the Carter Center's Mental Health Program.

These fellowships aim to enhance public understanding of mental health issues and reduce stigma and discrimination against people with mental illnesses through balanced and accurate reporting. The 2015–2016 fellowship year begins in September 2015.

Learn More About the Fellowships for Mental Health Journalism

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The deadline to apply is April 17, 2015.

For questions, please call 404-420-5165 or email

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From: Darren Hardy

Date:01/16/2015 3:37 AM (GMT-08:00)

To: cheryl

Subject: Conquering Your Dreams: Step 10




Ready to bring this home?
We are on the last step to Conquering Your Dreams.

This step is something you are probably familiar with.
If you are reading this you are doing this, but I want to help you be even better at it.


Action for today:

“In order to achieve goals you have not achieved before you have to become someone you haven’t been before.”

What are three skills you need to improve to accomplish your big dreams?

What will you study to improve them? Skills Books/Programs/Seminars

Alright, you are now armed and ready to do battle.
You now have the 10 Steps to Conquering Your Dreams.
Follow those 10 steps and there is no enemy too great to defeat and no dream you cannot conquer.

I look forward to witnessing your great conquests this year.
Be sure to keep me posted on your epic battle.

Now go CONQUER your big goals and great dreams!

Your Daily Mentor,

And for the final recap, here are steps 12345678, & 9!

P.S. - Of all 10 steps, which one do you need to conquer the most?
Share your comments below!

 P.P.S. If you are going to ask me WHAT you should study let me point out where I have invested the best of my own study, discovery and success findings:
1) These two very special events. The only ones I am doing (besides my high-level CEO Forums). Tickets are almost all gone.
2) INSANE PRODUCTIVITY. It's not open right now, but get on the wait list. It will 10X your productivity and results.
3) The Big Results Kit. The title speaks for itself. If that is what you want, it's got the goods.
The rest of my success resources are here

BTW, tell me what else you need to learnwhat skill you need to develop or what is holding you back in 

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