Youth Spark empowers youth to change their world

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Network faithful are encouraged to check out Microsoft YouthSpark for some pretty exciting funding opportunities for those of you working with youth. Let's see... that's just about all of you!

From the Microsoft website:
The world stands at a crossroads. While there are more young people on the planet than ever before, youth unemployment is double that of the adult population. Countries are struggling to develop modern workforces due to the growing gap between the skills of unemployed workers and the skills needed to perform the jobs of today and tomorrow.

Today’s young people face an opportunity divide – a gap between those who have the access, skills and opportunities to be successful and those who do not. Closing this opportunity divide is one of the most important actions we can all take to secure the future of our youth and the future of our global economy.

Microsoft YouthSpark is a companywide initiative designed to create opportunities for hundreds of millions of youth around the world. Through partnerships with governments, nonprofits and businesses, we aim to empower youth to imagine and realize their full potential by connecting them with greater education, employment, and entrepreneurship opportunities. We want to empower youth to change their world.

YouthSpark Grants
The majority of our grants to nonprofits organizations are in the form of software, which we make broadly available to eligible organizations. Please visit our software donation page for more information on eligibility and how to apply.

Microsoft provides limited cash grants to eligible organizations whose missions and activities align to our core programs, including YouthSpark. Application for cash grants are by invitation only. Unsolicited requests for cash grants are not accepted. For more information, please see our Nonprofit FAQs.

Explore YouthSpark
The YouthSpark Hub is an online space to explore and access all the Microsoft programs and resources to help youth imagine and realize their full potential.


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