NC youth-driven program takes a holistic approach to adolescent health

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yesNetwork faithful take note. We were recently made aware of the YES! program, an amazing youth-driven organization in North Carolina that we think it is a winner. This is a great example of a holistic approach to adolescent health and community development. Check it out!

Youth Empowered Solutions (YES!) is a statewide nonprofit that was founded in 2007 and became operational January 1, 2008.  YES! was the shared concept of five visionary young adults who, after realizing success in creating and implementing youth-led tobacco prevention advocacy efforts across North Carolina for seven years, saw an unmet need for a holistic approach to adolescent health that included youth-adult partnerships and policy advocacy.  The YES! Youth Empowerment Model grew from this and has become the framework that the organization is centered on.

Visit YES! here and get your YES! on...


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    Please add me to your mailing list. I am interested in learning more about your program for youth.
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