Wraparound is worth doing well

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nwiCheck out the new article by Eric Bruns, Co-Director of the National Wraparound Initiative (NWI). In the article, Eric examines some recent research on outcomes from poorly-implemented Wraparound services. He provides evidence that Wraparound has the best chance of succeeding when it is implemented with fidelity.


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    I am glad to see a summary of the research. So often, we don't read the actual research papers. I hope you will also do a summary of what appears one of the recurrently overlook part of wraparound structure: the lack of adequate family support (parent and youth) specialist, supervision, and on-going training and coordination with Support Specialists in the community, involved with the families who are not involved with wraparound. The cross training in providing that community-based support is crucial for the family support to address psycho-education, collaborative problem solving, grief and separation, increasing protective factors for the family, maintaining hope, and leadership development for parents and young adults. Family Support is also necessary in order to prepare providers (clinical and administrative) to develop their skills to provide family/youth driven services. Family Support Specialist work hand-in-hand with facilitators to ensure program planning and evaluation.
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    Great article Eric...thank you for making this very important point!

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