Webinar - Necessary Conditions: Assessing Community Support for Wraparound

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Even the most creative and highly individualized wraparound plans can fail if there is a lack of coordination and support for wraparound in the larger community context. To make wraparound work, community stakeholders--including service systems and agencies, as well as families, youth and others in the community--need to work together to develop and implement numerous formal and informal policies to address issues such as access to services/supports, financing and sustainability, and gathering data for accountability. This webinar describes what research has revealed about the types of community support that are necessary, and introduces the Community Supports for Wraparound Inventory, which has been by wraparound projects across the nation to assess local community support.


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    Wraparound services that will encompass grassroots and mainstream society has to be built on the eclecticism of dealing with organizations that understand and promulgate lessons of morality. Therefore, policies need to be developed that will encourage the development and further implementation of faith-based initiatives via partnerships with neighborhood churches and civic agencies.
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