Wraparound Conference in Clermont, OH

September 10, 2013

Clermont FAST TRAC, Clermont County’s System of Care, is hosting a two day conference offering participants an unprecedented opportunity to gather and work with five national trainers and consultants, as well as each other, over two days this fall. The conference will offer two keynote addresses and 30 individual sessions for participants to select and learn from. The conference is targeted for people who provide wraparound-based planning processes to the youth and families they work with. This includes facilitators, peer support partners, supervisors and program managers. Session content will address the realities and skills needed to provide an effective strengths, needs, and team-based process in planning for and delivering care and support for those involved in wraparound.

The conference theme, “Wraparound Reboot: from Evolution to Innovation” will allow participants to explore, in each session, where wraparound implementation began, where it has evolved to, and what the next innovations might be. This will provide a context for participants to explore and develop their own work as well as consider next challenges and innovations to grow their own efforts. The presenters are five nationally known trainers and consultants:

  • Patricia Miles, Gresham, Oregon
  • Toni Donnelly, Phoenix, Arizona
  • Mary Jo Meyers, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • John Franz, Madison, Wisconsin
  • Neil Brown, Columbus, Ohio

The conference learning objectives include:

  • Participants will learn specific skills and approaches that contribute to the delivery of an effective wraparound planning process
  • Participants will have the opportunity to select specific elements of wraparound practice to explore and learn about through the lens of past development, current practice and future innovation
  • Participants will learn new tactics and techniques that support the provision and supervision of wraparound
  • Participants will have the opportunity to exchange information and experience with others doing similar work

Further information can be accessed by contacting Jayne Mummert at (513) 732-5400 or or at

Thanks to our colleagues at the National Wraparound Initiative for sharing these details with us!


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