9th World Congress on the Promotion of Mental Health and the Prevention of Mental and Behavioural Disorders announces Call for Papers

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The 9th World Congress on the Promotion of Mental Health and the Prevention of Mental and Behavioural Disorders is being held in Columbia, South Carolina, September 9 - 11, 2015. Join your colleagues from all over the world to promote local change through global knowledge exchange! 

The Call for Papers is now open! 

Why you should get involved in this global network
Addressing mental wellbeing is an urgent public health concern and the need for the promotion of mental wellbeing has now become a feature of government policy within many countries around the world although this has not translated into investment and action. During the last decade we have seen rapid improvements in the field but if we are to develop new and innovative policies and programmes for a 21st century approach to mental wellbeing we need to:

The South Carolina Congress
The 9th World Congress provides the opportunity for delegates to address these issues by engaging with international leaders and experts from a wide range of related disciplines to:

Participants are therefore invited from:

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    Steve Kossor
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    I'll be presenting a symposium at the 9th World Congress in North Carolina this year, explaining how the "force multiplier" model for the delivery of in-home and in-school mental health and behavioral support to children can be implemented anywhere in the world - increasing the "reach" of a single licensed mental health practitioner by a factor of at least 30, if not more. I'd love to present this program at an upcoming Tampa conference!
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