Where is Friday Update?

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By now you have probably noticed there was no Friday Update for the week of January 14 - 18 as I am in South Africa reconnecting with my bride of 34 years after her six-month assignment in Mozambique with Save the Children. To all who send in news items every week, continued thanks and no worries, we will have an expanded edition this Friday. The Network is truly a collective voice and you continue to amaze and thrill us with your insight and commitment to expanding the vision of what it truly means to be a children's mental health advocate and supporter.

With all of the news that has transpired last week (no worries, we are fully on top of it), in many ways, this time on the Cape has allowed for some quiet reflection about the relationship between gun control and children's mental health, the President's recommendations for mental health generated by the Biden Commission (yes, while thrilled, we have concerns if you peel the onion just a bit), the devastating practice of the inappropriate use of seclusion and restraint (an important issue for us) and the importance of celebrating the hard work of the multitude of children's mental health advocates on the front lines and in Washington working tirelessly to make things better for children and families. So with that, my bride and I are off to another adventure today to celebrate all that is good about love, commitment and family. For you, faithful reader, your task is to be sure to schedule a bogus conference call for Friday, lock your office door on that blessed day, and catch up on all that is good in Friday Update!

Oh go ahead, click on Rebecca White's picture for one of our most popular Friday Update theme songs.black We are such musical savants...



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