What is #MyYoungerSelf?

May 06, 2017

Each day in May, the Child Mind Institute is sharing short videos from prominent figures about their personal experiences growing up with a mental health or learning disorder — and the advice they would give their younger selves and others in the midst of the same struggle. 

The goal of the campaign is to decrease the stigma and fear surrounding mental health and learning disorders and make sure more kids receive the help they deserve. So far, they have shared wonderful, hopeful messages from Emma StoneJesse EisenbergGavin NewsomTodd Fisher and Brandon Marshall to more than a million people. 

It’s only going to get better. In the next few weeks we’ll be seeing inspirational, funny and emotional videos from Jay Leno, Rachel Bloom, Lena Dunham, Michael Phelps, Stephen Fry, Barbara Corcoran, Ty Pennington—the list is just incredible. And it offers an incredible chance to get messages of hope and strength to just the kids who need to see them. 

Let’s make sure those kids and families see these messages. Sign up for email alerts at and share them with your friends. Keep up to date on the campaign by following the Child Mind Institute on FacebookInstagram and Twitterand sharing the videos you love using the hashtag #MyYoungerSelf. 

A big Hizzah to the Child Mind Institute for this wonderful campaign!

Click here to view the videos.

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