What Do They Mean When They Talk About Pre-Existing Health Conditions?

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Network faithful are advised to spend a few minutes reading a wonderful article from the Kaiser Family Foundation that focuses on how each of the Presidential candidates would approach the issue of pre-existing conditions. People who have a health problem or who are at higher than average risk of needing health care are referred to as having a pre-existing health condition.  Health plans have an interest in controlling access to coverage for people with pre-existing health conditions because, depending on their condition, they are more likely to use covered services than other enrollees in a health plan. While the news is full of talk about people with health concerns like diabetes, coronary artery disease, etc., there is not much talk about children with serious mental health issues who would definitely fit into the class of "pre-existing conditions." Knowledge is power folks. Read what your candidate is saying about this issue and make an informed choice.


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