A “Home” Run for Transition Age Youth (TAY) in San Diego County

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On September 27th, the San Diego County community celebrated the ribbon-cutting and grand opening of Citronica One, a permanent and supportive housing complex that includes 15 units for TAY out of a total of 56 units to increase affordable housing for individuals and families in the County.

All of these TAY receive Full Service Partnership/ Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) services, which are “wraparound” services, from Providence Community Services. Providence has provided quality mental health and substance abuse services for children, youth, adults and families throughout Southern California since 1997.

These TAY have come out of different systems as children, including foster care, juvenile institutions and special education.

The TAY in this program have struggled with homelessness or have been at risk of being homeless in addition to living with a serious mental illness.

This complex is one of many examples of the system of care transformation that has occurred in San Diego since 1997 with the help of SAMHSA federal grant and, more recently, the Mental Health Services ACT (MHSA) supported by the voters in California in November of 2004.

MHSA provides the funding for the vast menu of services that support the TAY in Citronica One, including assessment/evaluation, emergency assistance with food and clothing, mental health treatment, case management, independent living skills development, employment services, and peer support services, all contributing to the residents’ self-sufficiency and, most importantly , breaking the cycle of homelessness.   In addition, through the MHSA, the Citronica One project, under the development of Hitzke Development Corporation (www.hitzkedevelopment.com), received an allocation for housing “bricks and mortar” as part of San Diego’s housing allocation that is administered by Cal Housing Financing Administration (CalHFA).

For more information on the services provided through Providence Community Services to these TAY at Citronica One, you can contact www.HousingMatters.SD.org or Debbie Malcarne at Deborah.Malcarne@sdcounty.ca.gov.


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