The Breakaway Health Policy Savings Matrix

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Breakaway Policy Strategies has just released a searchable matrix that compares the health proposals in the top deficit reduction plans. The Children's Mental Health Network has been receiving many an email pleading for some sort of cross-comparison. This interactive report is a great start.

Read Breakaways description below and download the cost containment matrix here.

  • Health care spending in the United States accounts for a greater share of the nation’s economic output every year. Without public policy changes and private sector innovations, public sector health program expenditures and system-wide health care costs will continue to rise. In fact, over the next decade, projected spending in major health care programs will grow faster than all other categories of government programs, including Social Security and defense programs. In addition to the substantial increase in health spending, our federal debt continues to balloon at an alarming rate. According to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), the federal debt is expected to equal 77 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) by 2023.

    With the nation on this unsustainable fiscal path and health spending such a significant contributor, policymakers are debating reform initiatives designed to achieve health care savings. Over the past few years, several influential organizations and lawmakers offered multiple and voluminous policy proposals that may help reduce the deficit and create a more efficient health care system. Until now, there was no way to effectively compare these proposals.

    The Breakaway Health Policy Savings Matrix compares and contrasts the key health reform elements in eleven of the most prominent deficit reduction proposals. It demonstrates how often the influential players in this debate agree on specific proposals and notes how much savings the drafters predict each proposal will bring. It is comprehensive and searchable.

    The team at Breakaway Policy Strategies hopes this is a helpful tool as you consider how these proposals may affect your organization and looks forward to your feedback. As new proposals emerge, we will update the Matrix. Later this year, we will survey health policy experts and policymakers and report on which proposals are most likely to become law.

  • Sources for the Breakaway Health Policy Savings Matrix can be found here.

  • Learn more about Breakaway Policy here.


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