The 2013-2014 Youth Justice Board - Model worth replicating!

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Okay Network faithful, if you live in New York City, get on this one. If not, why not model it in your community? 

Founded in 2004, the Youth Justice Board is an after-school program that brings together young people to study and propose solutions to the public safety challenges that most affect them. Board members serve as a credible voice for youth in the public debate about juvenile justice policy in New York City, providing decision-makers with substantive input from this historically underrepresented group. Each program cycle, a team of 15 to 20 New York City teenagers studies an important issue affecting young people in the city. During the 2012-2014 program cycle, the Youth Justice Board will be focusing on the issue of truancy as it affects New York City young people.

Juvenile justice and public safety issues that members of the Youth Justice Board have addressed previously include:

Participants present their recommendations to key policymakers and then partner with local stakeholders to implement their ideas and make a lasting impact on local policies. Members of the Board participate in intensive training in research and critical thinking, developing skills and gaining leadership experience along the way.

Good stuff here. Check out the details on the Center for Court Innovation website and figure out how you can make it happen where you live.


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