Text, talk, act to improve mental health

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Text, Talk, Act: It's Back! April 24, 2014 
The process takes one hour. The result can last a lifetime! 

On April 24th, join Creating Community Solutions in a nationwide discussion on mental health….via your cell phone! All over the country, on the same day, people will get together in small groups for one-hour discussions on mental health.

The process is simple: join 3-4 of your friends, family, classmates, students, and/or colleagues and text “start” to 89800. Your group will then receive polling questions, discussion questions, and process suggestions via text messaging.


“Text, Talk, Act on Mental Health” is designed to engage high school and college students in particular, using technology that is ubiquitous in their lives. Results from the live polling questions will be tabulated almost instantly, so that people will be able to see how participants across the country responded. The discussion questions will provide a safe space for candid dialogue on mental health, one of the most critical and misunderstood public issues we face. The process will also provide an opportunity for participants to discuss actions they can take to strengthen mental health on their campuses and in their communities.

Text, Talk, Act to Improve Mental Health is an hour-long event that uses text messaging to get people talking about mental health and encourage them to take action. Through this event, young people can have a conversation with their peers and give voice to an issue that can otherwise be difficult for them to speak about. 

This event is geared toward young people, but people of all ages can participate and benefit from it. It's simple: 
  1. At any time on April 24th, gather 3-4 of your friends, family, classmates, students, and/or colleagues;
  2. Text "start" to 89800; and
  3. Receive polling and discussion questions via text messaging while having a face-to-face dialogue with your group. 

​To learn more, check out the Creating Community Solutions FAQs and watch the video from the December event: 

Gonna do one of these? Sure you are... this is where the fun begins!

Make a statement and put your pin on the map! (After logging in/creating an account, click on the "Add your dialogue to the map" button)

- See more at: http://www.creatingcommunitysolutions.org/texttalkact#sthash.Fts9M3iW.dpuf

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