Teen shares his story about both sides of bullying

September 11, 2013

Network faithful are encouraged to check out the blog. The most recent post features an article by Ann Stock, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and Tyler Pascavis, Youth Advocate. Good stuff!

  • Tyler Pascavis wants us to talk about bullying. Tyler, 18, is a native of Illinois, a lifetime member of the 4-H, and an anti-bullying advocate who believes that the only way we can put a stop to bullying is to bring it out in the open.

    At the school Tyler attended most of his life, Tyler found that the administration was not willing to admit there was a problem with bullying. A high-level school administrator once stated that bullying was not a problem at the school, so students who experienced bullying were left to suffer in silence. As someone who was bullied when he was young, and eventually someone who engaged in bullying himself, Tyler saw firsthand how staying silent on bullying could be as harmful as the bullying itself. 

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