Teachers Guide to SM, What to Tell the Teacher About Your Child

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~ From our colleagues at the Child Mind Institute ~ 

childmindThirty-six irresistible youngsters from 16 states (and Shanghai!) joined us last week for Brave Buddies, our summer program for children with selective mutism. These kids have extreme anxiety about speaking outside their homes, especially in school. At Brave Buddies they get intensive therapy, practicing what we call brave talking while playing, doing group activities and going on field trips. The week culminated in a visit to the ice cream store where they flexed their brave muscles by ordering their own ice cream. 

While these kids have been preparing to use their voices in school in a few weeks, teachers have been preparing, too, to welcome new students with all kinds of strengths and weaknesses. This week on childmind.org we offer a Teachers Guide to Selective Mutism, which explains how to recognize the widely misunderstood disorder and help children who have it. And for parents wondering how much information to share with teachers about a child's strengths, weaknesses, talents and interests, check out  7 Things to Tell the Teacher About Your Child

Caroline Miller, Editorial Director 

Teachers Guide to Selective Mutism 
What teachers need to know about SM, including what it looks like in the classroom and tips for encouraging kids with SM to participate. 

7 Things to Tell the Teacher About Your Child 
Sharing key information can help a new teacher forge a strong connection with your child. And the start of the school year is not too early to open up. 

How to Give Kids Effective Instructions 
The first step to getting more cooperation is making sure children understand what they're being told to do.

10 Ways to Teach Your Child the Skills to Prevent Sexual Abuse 
Open conversation about anatomy, clear privacy rules and a no-secrets policy can help protect young kids without scaring them.


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