Super Committee Staying Tight-Lipped

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Ah yes, the days of closed door negotiating (as opposed to tabloid negotiating) may be here again. Members of the Super Committee have decided that mum's the word as far as sharing details of their negotiations, as Robert Pear reports for the New York Times. 'Far from apologizing for their secrecy, members of the committee say it shows they are making progress toward a possible agreement, establishing trust among themselves without public posturing or partisan sniping. And there is a view among some in Congress that such politically charged bargains can be struck only behind closed doors, where members can talk freely, insulated from the special interests that could swoop in to try to kill elements of an agreement,' Robert writes. As one might expect, not everyone shares this view: ''The American people deserve to know what is happening in this committee,' said Senator Kelly Ayotte, Republican of New Hampshire, noting that the panel's recommendations would go directly to the floor of the House and the Senate. 'These negotiations should be fully open. We don't get a better result for the people of this country when things are done behind closed doors.'" Read the New York Times article.

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